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Irvine, CA


Irvine, CA

[color="green"]PLEASE CAST YOUR VOTE THX Hello All, The songs you hear were all written/arranged and performed by Glorie, with the help of the The Most High. Let's love and pray for those who need it and be the light He wants us to be. [/color] "First of all I give all all honor and all glory to Father Yahuah who is the True and Living God! It is He who has given me the ability to sing and write music. In him I live, move and have my being. I am a singer/songwriter/Arranger. I have been singing since the age of 5. My Grandmother was my inspiration. She was always singing around the house and was a pianist. She sacrificed to see that I started piano lessons. It was because of her that I know what I know in music. I sang in a High School Group called the "Emeralds" and "Our Ladies of Soul" when we cut our first record. I always knew what I wanted to do in life because I could not shake my dreams of becoming a singer/actress/artist and being the best I could be. When I came fully to the Lord, I joined The Old Landmark Church in Chicago where Apostle R. L. Mitchell was my pastor. I sang in the Old Landmark Church Choir for 12 years. Some of the songs I arranged have been uploaded here for all to hear. Some of these musical arrangements were given to me under the inspiration of God during early morning prayer. They are mostly from the Psalms with a few other additions. I hope my music will cause the listener to rest in the Lord and that it will be a source to cut thru the madness of life and inspire all to seek our God who is the source of all. It's not always the loud sounds where the anointing of God is, but sometimes that small still voice. I'd like to think of my music as being that still voice with Gods anointing.[b][color="red"][/color][color="red"][/color][b][color="red"][/color][b][/b][b][/b][b]


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Song Length
Soon Everything Will Be Alright [3:01] 3:01
Simple Beat Remix 3 [0:26] 0:26
Beat Sample [0:24] 0:24
The Way God is Update [5:12] 5:12
Second Exodus [2:04] 2:04



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