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HAZY Real name is "Benjamin Naloth". HAZY, Reggae and R&B music singer in the urban of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. HAZY, born and I grew up in South Sudan; lived the 21 years civil war, the struggle for justice, equality, and recognition of Sudan as a multi racial state, other than an Islamic state. I started music in the capital city of Sudan 'Khartoum', started with a band called "gun less clan" -as rapper. We did many live shows in colleges promoting the theme "put the guns down". As we came from different backgrounds, it helped us give a special taste to our music. By 2007, the band broke up, and some of the members took different career other than music. Therefore, I started my music by then, and switch my career to Reggae and R&B music. My music gives a taste of, pain, joy and fantasy. As I was brought up in a war zone, and faced racial discrimination - as I moved to the capital city; I also had sometimes of happiness. Therefore, I want to make a difference with my experiences, so I put them into my music. A word I keep for live "out of the bad you can make some good, therefore' I want to make some good out of what I had experienced. I want to help make the world a better place. Influences in my live; Bob Marley, 2Pac, the late great leader John Garange de Mabior and Barrack Obama. Other links:


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Pretty Little Girl [7:51] 7:51
Moments [4:50] 4:50
Story {Akello} [4:08] 4:08
Hazy witta crack [3:51] 3:51


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