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[link="http://url"] Now playing: Locked-N-Loaded Productions [/link] contact info [color="blue"]email: [email protected] Check My Profile Out at www.myspace.com/lillunatic89 If interested in doin a Collab send me the song you would like me to be featured in to my email through www.yousendit.com Please do not send any bad/low quality songs thats all i ask Federico a.k.a "Lunatic" was born in Europe, January 23, 1989 but raised on a Caribbean island which is known as St.Maarten. There he lived for about his whole life. Growing up on St.Maarten wasn’t as easy as most people think. Everybody thought that Federico would grow up to be a normal, typical kid. At the age of 14 everything changed for him, as he hit the streets he had a whole different look at life. Federico had lost and forgotten about all is old friends and replaced them with his new ones. As the years kept passing by, things were getting worse. Federico was known as a trouble maker, was doing badly in school, getting in trouble with the police and getting into gang related issues. The time came when he knew he had to change his life style and that’s the same time Federico met a kid from his neighborhood (Simpson Bay) called Lucien a.k.a Kollabone. Lucien was the first person who gave him a look into the music industry. At first Federico spent most of his day watching Lucien create and master instrumentals, which interested Federico but not as much. As time went by, Lucien finished developing his very own studio and that’s when Federico’s attention was caught. Lucien gathered a couple of instrumentals, burned them on a Cd and told Federico come back when he's ready. Few days later Federico came back and recorded his very first track called “On My Block” featuring Lucien. As you knew it, Federico and Lucien were recording about 2 to 3 songs a day. After gaining confidence Federico sent several of his songs to Sean a.k.a Matchstick who was in this whole music industry way long before Federico had any idea about it. Sean listens to several of the tracks and liked what he heard. Federico was now under Nightlife Entertainment. The group consisted of four main people Sean, Lucien, Eion, and Federico. As time progressed things where going much better than expected, Nightlife Entertainment wasn’t an underground music group no more but instead it was known to through out the island due to radio play, performances, talent shows, etc. One day Federico had an idea about releasing the first Mix Tape, at first Sean had doubts about it but Federico but his mind into it and carried out the Mix Tape V.1 idea. About a week later the first Locked-N-Loaded Mix Tape V.1 was FINISHED. Sean then realized the hard work Federico had put into developing the first Mix Tape and decided to let Federico be part of running Nightlife Entertainment. Currently, to this day, Federico and Sean still run Nightlife Entertainment and have collaborated with many local artist. To this day Federico thanks God and friends such as Lucien for changing his life and inspiring him with something he does with passion and joy. Federico plans to further his studies in Canada where he will be studying Professional Sound & Business (Studio Production Major)[code][/code][link="URL"][/link][link="URL"][/link][link="URL"][/link]


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My Mission - Lunatic ft SenseMatick(Hu$h Hu$h).mp3 [3:07] 3:07
Yep Im A Gangsta-Lil J, Lunatic & Special K [4:12] 4:12
Never Had A Friend - Lunatic ft. Ice,Guess Who & Rasta.mp3 [4:12] 4:12


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