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Jay Bone Tha Youngsavioso aka Jayson was born in San Francisco,Ca in 1977 Raised In South San Francisco. Tha Youngsavioso has goals he wants to accomplish such as performing in Germany, London, New York, and Chicago. He has more goals as well as his music getting airplay from other popular radio stations, and get the people across the world to know who he is. He recently had a meeting with one radio station in Utah U92.5 with the director and staff, the first minute in a half they was smiling, and loving what Jay Bone has to offer there Radio station and there listeners. They agreed to play his song \\\\\\\"It\\\\\\\'s Friday Night\\\\\\\" on there mix show \\\\\\\" Crunk it , or Junk it\\\\\\\"in December. The People in Utah would be able to hear his hot song ,they like it they crunk it, they don\\\\\\\'t like the song they Junk it. Jay Bone is slowly accomplishing his goals, he has a good start with his achievements so far. Jay Bone has a list of places he has performed . Jay Bone Tha Youngsavioso has performed in several Utah venues in 2003, they are: \\\\\\\"The Fifth Amendant\\\\\\\" in Bountiful: \\\\\\\"Club Natlies\\\\\\\" downtown SLC,Ut : \\\\\\\"Uprok Records\\\\\\\" dtwn SLC,Ut : \\\\\\\"The UnderGround Coffee\\\\\\\" dtwn SlC,Ut : and Manhattans dtwn SLC,Ut. In the year 2006 Jay Bone Tha Youngsavioso has performed at these locations once again all in Utah they are : Club Manhattans (Tuesday night hyphy night) The Front Row, The Filling Station, Club Mixed Emotions, again at the Filling station several more times that year, and Club Monks to finish the year. The next year In the Month of January Jay Bone moved back to California performing at Club 17 in Oakland,Ca, Club Hide in San Francisco,Ca Jay Bone would return back to Utah In July of 2007 and perform again at \\\\\\\"Club Mixed Emotions\\\\\\\", did a House Party in Taylorville,Utah called \\\\\\\"Up N Smoke\\\\\\\", \\\\\\\"Mo\\\\\\\'s Bar and Grill\\\\\\\", he would then perform again at \\\\\\\"Club Mixed Emotions\\\\\\\", He did three Fridays at the \\\\\\\"Hideway\\\\\\\", Digichron presented Jaybone at a Halloween House Party, his next show will b held on the 16th of Nov at \\\\\\\"Club Mixed Emotions\\\\\\\" May we wish Jay Bone Tha Youngsavioso the best of luck with career in music.[b]


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