Reg McCellon | SYM
Greenville, SC


Greenville, SC

I am an Aspiring artist/ song writer and composer. My hometown is Boston, MA but recently moved to Greenville SC. I sing because it allows me to let my emotion out it is also the last thing I told my dad I was doing before he past on. He never really had a chance to see me sing at all so I sing for him as well. I have done shows in New York and in Boston. I learned to sing by singing off of Brian Mcknight cds and other artist and kind of just went from there. I write my own music most if not all are real situations. I want the world to feel my emotions and relate to my experiences through my music. Thanks all


Recent Tracks

Song Length
( NEW ) 70 Miles Away [4:56] 4:56
( NEW ) Interlood ( Tease Me ) [2:29] 2:29
( NEW ) ALL I WANT TO SAY TO YOU [5:07] 5:07
( NEW ) HIT THA CLUB [5:13] 5:13
( NEW ) A DADS FEELINGS [5:50] 5:50


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