Tim McCarthy | SYM
Cranston, RI


Cranston, RI

Tim McCarthy is a mailman. He has been writing songs and receiving rejection notices for sometime now (30 years on and off). He also enjoys abstract painting and building assemblages. They will be added to this site periodically. Most of Tim's songs are about his lovely wife, Lynn. Eight of his songs are uploaded on this site. Tim performs the songs, which he has written, as a method of inexpensive demos. His dream is to sell performance rights to his songs to John Prine or Willie Nelson. Keep in touch. More to come.


Recent Tracks

Song Length
Instrumental Twist and Shout [2:27] 2:27
Lincoln Log [2:27] 2:27
Mr. Machine Takes a Vacation [1:19] 1:19
No More Twist and Shout! [4:02] 4:02
Tip Toeing Elephant [0:39] 0:39


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ftp at 01:55

Hey Tim nice tone of voice,love sound..take care

5 years ago