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[color="red"] PLZ Go To type in under "artists" Joe James Di Nardo , "Please Don't Hurry The Words" is getting a lot of play.thx. [color="blue"]FIRSTLY LET ME SAY I'VE ACTIVELY LISTENED TO A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF TALENT ON SYM..and Am PROUD TO CALL SEVERAL , MY FRIENDS! Playing on stage since I was 7.( check out this name "PURPLE FUZZ"!!!playing at expo 67 at 11 yrs old..raised on motown, beatles,the who, stones, jazz/blues, blood sweat n tears, chicago, stevie wonder. ray charles, billy joel, steely dan, dire straits, bonnie raitt, carole king, james taylor, harry chapin, joanie mitchell, jimi hendrix, zeppelin, ..myriad tastes, and eclectic hybrid, keeps ppl wondering what box to put me in. played with a number of artists , from balladeer "dan hill" ( sometimes when we touch).. retro ( badfinger), heavier ( triumph).. r and b /hip hop ( debra cox), salome bey, jay jackson "Caledonia" and "Landing party, to my own solo act.. session work with "cats can fly" brian gagnon, chris brockway, Chris Aris ( a co writer extraordinaire) , Gary O'connor , yada yada yada ( or 'triple "y" for short) * My dad ( passed in 84) my mum, are the greatest influences.. but my bro nephews, nieces are all addicted songsters! like most lifers in music , it runs in the genes and in the soul.. from the heart,., * eclectic mix* of joe's compositions. JJames Di Nardo *All songs J.J.Di Nardo except trax 12, 13, 14, 15 (Lapedus/James/Ashley) co/write "Lover Inside My soul" , with Ms. Chris Aris Two versions of chemistry we covered for BMG/Sony.. Debra Cox on track 12.."UnSpoken" Written by JJDi Nardo sung by the extremely gifted Ms. Chris Aris. Thx to everyone..joe singer/writer/accoustic guitar/keys/armpits/lips [/color]


Recent Tracks

Song Length
Don't Need To Hide [4:01] 4:01
17. "lover Inside My Soul" ( Tune I wrote for/with Chris Aris) [3:23] 3:23
16."Unspoken"(sung by chris aris) [3:42] 3:42
15. "it don;t get better than this" ( featured on t.v. "Dark Skies") [4:18] 4:18
14."wolf's At The Door" [4:14] 4:14


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