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All governments are liars and murderers FUSUK SHOWCASINURMusIc I am an 18 yearold from belfast. One day I went to a music festival called Electric Picnic and arrived ahead of my friends and cusins n uncle by 4 hours. I had no tent and bags on my back because i was staying in my uncles "indian" style T-P. I had nowhere to go and the festival had started I needed to lose the bag. I finally decided to break into the T-P, I walked up to it looked it up and down stroked it, measured to make sure it would fit 8 tho i didnt know how many of us there would be, when i smiled at a girl in a funny hat with a flower on the front who worked there and wanted to let me into the T-P. it was just like things worked out because of my festival style. well i had an hour to spare and decided to ditch the girl and head to wherever the best music was coming from, so i followed the sound and it brought me to a place where local people were playing in An tent who was advertising a mobile phones provider. Basically the main acts were on different stages from this these were people creating music like us who had got to play at this festival. In this tent I watched a guy play and he was the person who finally made me decide i want to make music.... I like all good music but specially like banging Techno and other variations of techno. Some major musical influences of mine would include Daft Punk, Air, Beastie boys, Massive Attack, Dj Shadow, Jacques Lu Cont, Scratch Perverts, Ian Brown, Technasia, Chris liberator, Dave The Drummer, Nightmares on wax, dj spinbad (fabricliveset) Super Furry Animals, Pendulum, Radioactive man, Mad Professor, prodigy, plump djs, chemical brothers, tricky. I have only been using ab|eton to create beats and am now creating songs rather than just experimenting, tho experimentation is what ab|eton is all about. Achievements - Seen - Massive Attack at the Electric Picnic , the SuperFurryAnimals Live Oxegen05 tho oxegens a wanky place. The Man dont Give a Fuck n im talkin the whole weekend with other shit,, >) Pendulum were unreal at EP 06 unfuckin real first act in the day n they partyrocked, www.youtube.com search for crazy ravin crusry or pendulum electric picnic 06 she'l show u what i mean. staying in the T-P was good because i felt like i was in a tribe or something weird buzz but a buzz none the less.


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enthusiasam [3:22] 3:22
planning the distruction "#1 of the actual album" [2:25] 2:25
sounds//to be used [3:01] 3:01
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