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Oriental, NC

So, I returned to the USA in August 2010. (After 27 years in Europe leading Silverado Country Music Band See bio below.) I played in San Antonio, Texas for about 5 years doing Tropical Rock. Bands name is Texas Tides. Then I moved to Oriental, North Carolina in July 2015. I have been working with different bands playing Country, Rock & Oldies. I am also doing Acoustic Gigs. I have updated the calendar for gigs this summer. Look forward to seeing you all there. To book acoustic or band gig please call: 210-708-5545 or 210-251-8174. We will be posting new songs & video's in the near future. Stay tune. About Silverado Band and our songs............ Silverado was established in 1980. The original Silverado featured Bob Barnett, and American from Nashville, and Aaron Jagger, also an American from Michigan. Silverado won two World-Wide Battle of the Bands contests back to back in the mid 1990's. The last performance with Bob and Aaron was in Honolulu, Hawaii. Aaron was killed last year by a road side bomb in Irak. Next Ina Morgan, a well know pop singer in Germany and vocal instructor, was featured as lead singer in the Silverado Band headed up by Bob Barnett. This formation included Andy Knapp on Lead Guitar, Tom Greinert on Drums, Didi Waechtler on Steel, and Bob Barnett on Bass. This formation of Silverado won the best new comer from the German/American Country Music Federation. In the early 2000's a new talent was discovered while having a practice at Ina's house one night. Alex Hild, a friend and neighbor of Ina's joined in the practice and was found to possess a voice similar to Travis Tritt, and later I found out he could play piano, acoustic guitar, drums, electric guitar and harmonica. On top of that this Bavarian wonder captures everyone's attention as soon as he hits the stage and he knows how to get everyone singing and partying. So today the band consists of Bob Barnett, Alex Hild, Tom Greinert and Andy Knapp. Didi has since moved to Austria but still plays occasionally with Silverado. Another guest that appears from time to time with Silverado is an old time friend, and best man at Bob's wedding Helt Oncale. Silverado made a CD featuring the COL (Ret) Dave Kyle. Dave has since moved to FL but returns to perform with Silverado about once a year. The Silverado Band comes out of the Wiesbaden Germany, the capital of Hessen and is about 30 minutes from Frankfurt. For information please email: [email protected] ABOUT OUR MUSIC: The Ghost of Vietnam: was produced in my basement for Col.(Ret) Kyle. If anyone needs a sound track for a movie let me know...! The words were written by Col. Kyle and I'll take credit for Music and Production as it was all done on one ADAT and without a computer. Col Kyle was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, Aaron Jagger played the electric slide, he was killed in Irak in Aug 07, he was a 1st Sgt/tanker. An amazing talent, writer, singer, player. Buddy of Mine: was written by Helt Oncale and recorded in Nashville/Studio Musicans. Vocals by Bob Barnett and Helt Oncale were added in Germany. Blues Man: This song was original recorded by George Jones and Tammy Wynette. It was later re-recorded by Hank Williams Jr. and recently by Alan Jackson. Here is my version which is a working copy with computer drums I'm dying to get replaced, but my wife wanted it added now :) Many Thanks to Helt Oncale for recording and Ina Morgan for the backing vocals. Ain't living long: This song was original recorded by Waylon Jennings. Here is our version with Helt on Guitar and Fiddle and me, Bob Barnett on Vocal and Bass. Help: A Beatles Classic by Alex Hild of the Silverado Band. This is how it went down: Alex I need something with you singing on it for the new website, here's a mike and a mini disc recorder, you have 3 minutes, sing! The Girl from Wolverton Mountain: Original music written by Merle Kilgore/Calude King. Here is the Silverado Band backing up one of our favorite singers from the states Dave Kyle. You can also check out Special Thanks to my wonderful wife Ginger for keeping up with our site for us.


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Lonesome Number One [2:24] 2:24
big river [2:30] 2:30
Jambalaya [3:12] 3:12
Swing Doors [2:55] 2:55
Ain't Living Long - Bob Barnett [3:56] 3:56



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