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Cincinnati, OH

The official bio of M.T.A. By Scott Galloway M.T.A. Biography "Listen, the lyrics I’m spillin’ is spiritual healin’ / I need a 40 foot clearance just to bring you these lyrics / Paint a picture like acrylic, every seen be vivid / I see it and live it walk through it eat it and shit it / You wouldn’t believe how committed I had to be just to get it!" - from "S.P.E.C.I.A.L." (verse by Verbal) In an era of hip-hop where every man goes for self, two longtime friends understand the term "strength in numbers." Those bruthas are Verbal and Cardo. Together, they are M.T.A., their group name taken from the Mt. Auburn area of Cincinnati, Ohio where they met and grew up to become rap’s last tag-team titans. In the tradition of Rum-DMC, M.T.A. is NOT an MC and DJ but a union of two powerful rappers. Between the two of them, they’ve got a pistol grip of styles to flip and a deep well of stories to tell. The world outside Ohio will get its first taste of M.T.A. with their meticulously crafted debut album, S.P.E.C.I.A.L., bursting with skull-crushers of street science with titles like "Shell Shock" and "Swishaz 2 Da Dome" (produced by Jay Murdock). From techno club beats to hard-hitting funk and ominous ghetto soundtracks, M.T.A. has ransacked and jacked two decades of rap’s ever-evolving sounds to kick their up-to-the-minute reports. "We don’t just make ‘in one ear and out the other’ music," Cardo explains. "We write stuff that has lyrical content AND bangs." Verbal adds, "We don’t label ourselves. We touch on every avenue – whatever feels good. However you perceive it, that’s what it is. The concept of this album is for it to come off like a movie – and each song is a different scene." Picture yourself getting’ wet up in a four-on-the-floor techno-funk execution and you would be doin’ it to the soundtrack of M.T.A.’S "GETCHOASSONDAFLOE" (produced by D. Hittz). Now picture yourself at the club spittin’ the tightest game ever to get two honeys to go home with you and you would be runnin’ that voodoo down to the soundtrack of M.T.A.’s supa-funkdafied "Pimptastic" (produced by GuyWes). And once you’ve proven you’re the baddest mutha in the room, you’d be dustin’ your shoulders off to the score of M.T.A.’s party joint "I Don’t Care." Whatever the scenario M.T.A. has the verses and the beats to bring it to gritty life. Also check out more pics and music @ http://www.myspace.com/jumpofboys (Spring 2006)


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