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fitchburg, MA


fitchburg, MA we got more songs on this site add us and check em out !! theres pictues and more info..... Manup, is a team of many talented artists, Representin for Fitchburg, Massachusetts. All bringing something to the table . All of our artists are focused on bringing originality ,or (real) to our songs ,everything we write comes from the heart, with real past, or present experiences . Alot of our songs are written ,based on pain, or struggle in which, that is the life we’ve seen, or been through . We take the time on every song, to make sure the versus aren’t just put together any old way ,we maintain in making sure we create songs, not just slapped together lyrics. The music you can count on hearing is the music so many people can relate to and that is what is important. We record 90% of all our music from our apt, engineer and produce all our own music . We have 2 female vocalists on the team with incredible voices, , a 16 yr. old , 3 other artists , twins, all with the right image and talent to make it to the top, with the right opportunities. The ages of all the artists all range from 16 to 29 and yet, we all have a similar story to tell …all with different flows, different styles, but put together, is (undeniable). We’ve done a couple of mixtapes with coast2coast or hirollerz records, hosted by Stat Quo from shady records , and Dj Khaled from terror squad ,and have more in the making .We work round the clock ,or with any spare time we have, to keep making songs…We haven’t attempted to work on any album ideas. Right now we are mainly focused on doing mixtapes, music that can go straight to the streets, or right to the computer .We use the computer a lot to network our songs and to get people to hear our music . Everyone of our Artists has had there share of rough living , everyday struggle in which can be heard in our lyrics whether its jail cells, to abusive parents, to dead friends, to fake friends. The same old struggle everybody in this life goes through. We all got our own story to tell . There’s also a lot of good in our songs ,they’re not all pain and struggle ,We have many songs in the making that are also radio friendly . Bottom line we are team Manup from all different backgrounds with the same struggle and are looking forward to letting the world know what we got to show . It’s our time to shine!! I ALSO WANNA ADD..TAKE THE TIME TO LISTEN TO THE WHOLE ENTIRE SONGS COMPLETELY WE HAVE 5 DIFFERENT ARTISTS ON THESE SONGS SOME BETTER THAN OTHERS AT TIMES BUT ALL TALENTED U DECIDE UR FAVORITE AND CHECK US OUT ON MYSPACE AND LEAVE US COMMENTS THERE ;) everybody!! incase you dont know why we have the 2 coast 2coast mixtapes on our page it is because we are featured on them with stat quo from shady records and got a shout out from dj khaled top dj in the world right now!! (manup)on the new volume 9 track 19 coast 2 coast mixtape produced by shadyville, shady records!! go check it out for ya selves ;)and track # 17 hosted by dj khaled volume 11 and more to come we are bout to be featured on a lil boosie mixtape comin soon ..


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walk in my shoes [3:42] 3:42
all about your self [4:28] 4:28
runnin out of time/dj khaled [4:41] 4:41
grind for it [4:23] 4:23
im on the next train [4:02] 4:02


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