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Atlanta, GA


Atlanta, GA

[color="blue"][b]TRAC-3 PRODUCTIONS[/b][/color] [b][color="black"]Trac-3 Productions consist of two extremely talented musicians “Professa” and “Yon D. Blackafella”.[/color][/b] Professa and Yon D. Blackafella are True Artist and Real Musicians. They are Music Composers who read, write and Produce music for Anything and Everybody ; Whatever Style Desired. [b]Professa and Yon D. Blackafella both are Licensed Audio Recording Engineers[/b] and they have mastered the recording software programs Pro-Tools, Sonar, Pro-Logic, Nuendo,Cubase etc…They Own and Operate their Recording Studios in Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, and Las Vegas. They are Photographers as well as Movie and Video Camera Operators. They are Graphic Artists and Designers of Extremely Creative Concepts ! Plus they write Screenplays, Poetry and Short Story Books and [b]the Trac-3 Production Studios Create some of the Greatest Music in the World !![/b] [color="blue"]DON’T GET IT TWISTED !!![/color] [b]Professa and Yon D. Blackafella Spit Game and are some REAL G’s who Play Instruments, Sing, Rap and Perform Live On Stage ![/b] The brothers Showcase the Best of Musicians, Singers, Hip-Hop Artist/Rappers, Dancers and Models at every live performance. [b]Bringing you A SHOW LIKE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE ![/b] They are constantly seeking talent throughout the entire World to Produce Music for and / or Showcase at their Live Shows. So if you want Old School, Hard Rock, Alternative, Rap/Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, R&B or New Millennium Funk ?! You want TRAC-3 PRODUCTIONS! [b]So brace yourself and get prepared for the Landing of THE BROTHERSHIP![/b] Blasting your ears with Pure Musical Bliss! Contact us: [email protected] [u][b]WARNING !!![/u] FOR ALL YOU DOUBTERS AND MERE MORTAL LISTENERS TRAC-3 PRODUCTIONS MAY CAUSE MULTIPLE EARGASMS!!


Recent Tracks

Song Length
4. HATER ( Featuring "Sniper" ) [4:37] 4:37
3. U DON'T HAVE 2 LUV ME ( featuring "REIGN" ) [7:49] 7:49
2. DROP IT DOWN !!! ( SOUL TRAC ) [3:27] 3:27
1. DROP IT DOWN !!! [3:28] 3:28


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