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Gods Country, Tennessee


Gods Country, Tennessee

[color=\"red\"][b]\"Let\'s remember our Service men and women in our prayers\" [/b][/color][b][b][/b][b][b] Pure Sterling Through out my long career as an entertainer, and singer. I\'ve hired many a musician to play in my band.[THE LUMBERJACKS] Some were better then others, but \"Bill Sterling\" topped them all with his great versatility as a musician and singer. His dress code alone was always immaculate. not to mention his great presentations. This brand new Hit album titled PURE STERLING is a must for all true REAL COUNTRY MUSIC Lovers. I am more then proud to add that Bill plays all the instruments on this, my all time most favorite \"ALBUM\" ...It\'s PURE STERLING ***** All the way Hal Willis [b][/b][b][b][b][color=\"red\"][/color]


Recent Tracks

Song Length
'Life Is A Hard Blowing Wind " writers Barnes & Steele [3:27] 3:27
Couple More Years [4:19] 4:19
It Should Be Easier Now ~ Bill Sterling [3:00] 3:00
Lord You Got To Help Me Stop This Drinking/ Bill Sterling [3:10] 3:10
02-A Dreaming my Dreams with You [2:37] 2:37


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