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everywhere, OH


everywhere, OH

greetings ,from the flyp syde, your wondering, who is Red Black ? What is Red Black ? maybe even Why is Red Black ? Red BLack are my wedding colors(2003), ironic i know it was spur of the minute(planned and executed in 3 days) wedding, small (8 witnesses) the carpet(in the church) was rednblack the shirt i wore was redn black and looks like its on fyre,the floweres were redn black (and allready there) and after that redn black basicly started taking over my lyfe(what?) red is a person locked insyde BKs head , we share the same body,house wyfe n lyfe, , red black has ben there (everywhere in the background of all our daily lives)all along, im not the first RED BLACK, or the last, we are really everywhere, look around, youll see, red nblack is a fad on its way back, i dont think i started it, im just part of it,(fanning the flame)the well what do you get when you have 20 yrs of a Kronic Illness peppeRED with a few years (3)of hardcore lsd use in my youth, and 8 yrs of christian programming ? you get Red Black(whack)...a small town man(madd krakah), who says to opposistion and doubt " i can beat you " ,im way out in left feild(and the flowers are nice), and thrive on thinking , " out syde the lynes ", i find inspiration everywhere, i lay no claims to greatness, and am proud of nothing, i am of european/native american decent, ( i was born wyth rythym in my soul )i encourage haterzz 2 keep up wyth the hatRED, it Fuels my desire, (thanx) if you enjoy the waves i make in this pond we call lyfe, (thanx) it fuels my desire...if you meet me and forget, you have lost nothing, if you meet jesus and forget you have lost everything, i believe john 3:16 is true, and hope u sumday do 2, i dont want your money, or 4 u to join any certain church, i just want u 2 believe, and know that im as twizted individual(no really) who loves to have fun and make others laugh and think, and have a good tyme (your only here a short whyle) ive got alot to say, and alot more 2 do, so i wont waste any more of your tyme!!! red says Keep it real Keep it Fresh, Keep it unDERground ....and last but not least i make all my msoundz on my computer, i produced myself(big smyle)[color="red"][/color][color="red"][/color][color="red"][/color][color="red"][/color]


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end prohibition [7:04] 7:04
spirit of the now [2:10] 2:10
spayce [22:53] 22:53
the echo of a heartbeat [16:21] 16:21
after midnight wyth camel [5:39] 5:39


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