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Whitefield, ME


Whitefield, ME

Our Band started out in the early 1990's as Ezra Winds. We played everywhere we could get a chance to. We wrote a Christmas song, "Some Joy For Christmas" ,that became the most requested Christmas song that year in the state of Maine. The band consists of 4 members, Bruce McInnis Jr, Lynn McInnis, David McInnis & James McInnis Sr. In 1992 we signed a management deal with the Joe Taylor Artist Agency in Nashville, TN and moved to Tennessee to pursue our music further. We played shows all over the South, we appeared on the Old Time Gospel Hour on TNN with David Frizzell and did many radio shows. We did many showcases and ended up turning down offers to take our music any further. Our music is still being played on Southern Gospel radio. During this time we changed our band name to Manna. After doing the TNN taping we were informed that our name needed to be changed because of other bands named we became Narrow Gauge....a railroad line running through our home state of Maine. Our dream is to get our songs into the hands of Singers who will make them #1 hits and do Firesides and singings wherever possible to uplift and give people hope of a better day!


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Song Length
Lend Your Hand [2:44] 2:44
A Better Day [3:42] 3:42
Change [2:50] 2:50
In My Life [3:27] 3:27
On Your Own [3:40] 3:40


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