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Seattle, WA


Seattle, WA

Singing and songwriting... I have chosen to do what I love and work on making a career out of it... Singing since I was a child, writing since I was a teen and performing since I can remember... inspired by the most amazing people who share their talents with the world... I hope to do the same - to truly BE God's gift to the world. I hope you enjoy the songs I have on here and stop back often to see whats new! If you have dreams... go for them! If you have something to share with the world... DO! There is no reason not to. Have fun, love completely, laugh often and DREAM BIG!! Let's keep sharing our gifts and believing in each other! I appreciate all the love and support you give! xx **CURRENT** Jan 2016: Took an unexpected 4 year hiatus due to a family illness - I'm back at it! Re-certified this last summer (2015) in Audio Digital and continuing on to MIDI/Production while still singing and songwriting. New stuff soon!! I'm SO EXCITED to be making music again! Nov 2012: At the Recording Workshop in Ohio! Learning about recording and production to take my musical dreams to the next level!! I should be uploading some new songs soon :) And since it tis the season - Please see below and buy the Christmas Charity CD!!! Feb 2012: In LA having a look at Music schools - basically freaking out trying to decide what to do next!! Getting silent to see what opportunities present themselves and what action I need to take... trying to feel it out... wish me luck - I\'m on my journey! Sept 2011: Just got back to Seattle after a few weeks in London and back in the Studio! Yay! Please check out 2 new songs: Lead the Way and Always Will (a work in progress) and tell me what you think... In Joy - Malissia xx April 2011: Just finished recording 3 new songs in the studio for my ASCAP promotional CD of songs to showcase my songwriting skills for the I CREATE MUSIC EXPO in LA April 28-30! The Birdhouse Sessions are a bare bones raw and dirty set of blues songs to show off my lyrical and melody writing abilities! Feb 2011: The New Music Seminar in LA was AWESOME! So inspiring!! Now its time for ASCAP\'s I CREATE MUSIC Expo in LA - just booked my ticket! Bring on the creative inspiration!! December 2010: Its that time of year again!! Let\'s enjoy the holidays AND give something back! I have written 3 of the 7 songs for the Born Free USA charity Christmas album \"The Gift of You\" and executive produced it with Blue Room Productions in the UK. Only $10 and proceeds go to help this amazing charity!! *** Visit to listen to the Charity Christmas CD now available!! May 2010: Just finished up in the studio at Blue Room Productions with Crystal Mendes doing vocals!! Have a listen!! Give us feedback! I wrote Hot Like Me and Get It On for Crystal and I co-produced with Laurence at Blue Room - loads of fun and I hope you like it! Thank you for stopping by and listening to my music! In joy and everlasting bliss... Malissia \"Be who you really are and go the Whole way\" - Lao Tzu Visit my website and spread the love... [/link] - UNDER CONSTRUCTION building new site! Come check me out on Myspace too![b][/b][link=\"URL\"][/link][b][color=\"red\"][/color][link=\"URL\"] Find me on FACEBOOK! - MalissiaMusic 2009: The Sassy & Sweet Christmas Treat Show was a success!! What fun while it lasted! On to new projects! I LOVE my Life!!


Recent Tracks

Song Length
The Gift of Christmas Album Compilation teaser [3:10] 3:10
7. Always Will [3:47] 3:47
3. Lead the Way [3:48] 3:48
2. Drive [3:36] 3:36
Get It On (vocals by Crystal Mendes) [4:20] 4:20


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