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[color="blue"]- Ardent Scenery [Philippines] - [Post Hardcore - Screamo] formed in Dasmarinas, a town in Cavite well known for spawning much of the Cavite Underground offspring, the band struggles to live amidst all the chaos and downpour of the controversies regarding its formation.. with its members well taught by experience, perfected by hatred, tarnished by heartbreak, inspired by discrimination and uplifted by a new hope of making others see what they do, the six-piece band rides against the currents that continuously try to kill the story before it even starts and hopes to make everyone feel that indeed, the world is a beautiful place if seen in the brighter view.. Kadz - Lead Vocalist Kid - Keyboards/Vocals Esad - Guitars/Vocals Jepoi - Guitars/Vocals Clide Dane - Bass/Vocals Zeiyd - Drums Fill their eyes not with what they want to see, but with what they need to... The dedication will remain and will persist to exist. We are one as brothers, brothers in blood... contact the band at: jepoi - 09273412986 kadz - 09054541223 E-mail Address: [email protected] visit our site at: MYSPACE ACCOUNT: [email protected][/color] My Showcase


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Timeframe for Grieving [3:34] 3:34
A Piece of Blood [4:10] 4:10


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