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I first got into this at the arse end of hip hop music and when house music was days from erupting into the sound it is today,i always loved the scratch loops and samples the hip hop boys could drop over the sets so when i discovered mixing house tracks together i knew exactly what i wanted to do but not how to do it!!!! i wont bore you with the countless hours practicing it took to do it BUT I DONE IT. Anyway i started playing out from 1990 and in 1993 i decided to go to IBIZA with 2 record boxes and a pair of flip flops and ripped up my return ticket on arrival, i wish i hadnt!!!! I eventually got a residency at one of the clubs and then was promoting my own nights and as the island was house music i was doing drum and bass nights with MICKEY FINN, JUMPING JACK FROST and THE RATPACK playing for me as well as my house nights with BRANDON BLOCK and ALEX P etc under the name FRAUD I chose the name because at the time a lot of promoters were putting on nights with bogus dj line ups and a load of other stuff i cant mention here but if you visit my website you will see that i pretty much SAY WHAT I LIKE - U GET WE!!! I made a few tracks but in 1998 i hung up my headphones and didnt want to play no more - view the australian mixin champ clip on my site to see for yourself?? that was it, no more music and no more mixin, never thought about it till 5 years later when i was in a dark part of the world people sometimes face in life and i jumped on the 2 wheel drives and thats when i didnt have a care in the world and found a way out. The first time i played back was at a CAR SHOW at SANTA POD and im trying to get the clip up on this showcase but it wont? so go to the site and find STIG OF THE DECKS AT SANTA POD 2005 and see what u think??? Before i knew it i was dressed as a US MARINE in me backyard remixin the king of kiddie fidlin for a clip called MICHAEL ACTION MAN JACKSON on me website - sorry MICHAEL but i cant help it if you dont like WHOS BAD and it aint my fault you dont see a MAN IN THE MIRROR when you brush ya teeth?? and if you WANNA BE STARTIN SOMETHING wait till i tell you about THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL is that what you call HUMAN NATURE???? the clips stayin on me showcase cos i aint seen nothing to BEAT IT!!!!!! After that i got makin tracks again and made the NAPALM track and then DISCO COLUMBIA, that track was so much fun to make and i know nothing else i ever make will be that much fun to do again !!!!!! Im back promoting again and do a club on the 2nd saturday of every month and play on internet radio RISE.NET each friday from 6-8 pm uk time with DJ DEXTER proper good laugh check him out on his showcase, theres some really good tracks made by him, he"s one of the gang and it will definately be worth the visit? high 5 to each and every one of you out there!!!! and stay away from the 5 o"s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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