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Rio de Janeiro

Mariana Baltar released her first album – "Uma dama também quer se divertir" (A lady also wants to have fun) in 2006. The repertoire includes samba classics that she usually sings in Lapa – area in downtown Rio de Janeiro that is a reference for the musical scene in the city – as well as unprecedented songs of many genres and times. "Uma dama também quer se divertir" was acclaimed by the public, and also appeared in reviews as one of 2006 critic’s favorites. The album was also released in Japan. Due to the huge success of the debut concert, Mariana received from Teatro Rival BR – traditional theatre in Rio de Janeiro – the invitation to host the project Mistura brasileira (Brazilian Mixture), having Zé Renato and Marcos Sacramento as guests. Mariana also sang on the Rival BR Award, on a tribute to Araci de Almeida, along with nine female singers, among them: Leila Pinheiro, Mart´nália, Ana Costa e Nilze Carvalho. Dancing since three years old, this "carioca" from copacabana got involved with samba in adolescence, when she became a professional dancer and began teaching Dança de Salão (typical Brazilian salon dance) in the Cia. Aérea de Dança, a company that researches and develops samba in a innovating way. With this group – in which she danced for 13 years – Mariana performed as dancer in many shows in USA and Europe, dancing in concerts of Zeca Pagodinho and Jorge Ben Jor, in which band, later, she would become a backing vocal. Her first professional apperarance as a singer was as as vocalist for the Brazilian singer Daude. In the Gafieira Dance Brasil project, created by Paulo Moura and Cliff Korman, Mariana parformed as a singer and as a dancer. This project took her abroad once again – to USA and Europe. In Rio, Mariana has her own dance studio, where she teaches Dança de Salão. She also one of those who idealized the Centro Cultural Carioca, since july 2001 is a renowed concert stage in Rio de Janeiro. The singer embraced the idea of rescuing old sambas, starting with a serious research about Assis Valente, author of Brasil Pandeiro. Assis Valente’s interpreters – such as Carmen Miranda and Aracy de Almeida – are major references in Mariana’s work. Mariana who always merges dance to her concerts, is now dedicated to her album release in many cities in Brazil and also working on cultural projects related to the Brazilian Culture.[link="URL"]


Recent Tracks

Song Length
Dona Biu (Adryana BB) N/A
Samba da zona (Joyce) [3:17] 3:17
Pressentimento (Elton Medeiros / H. Bello de carvalho) N/A
Bala com bala (João Bosco / Aldir Blanc) N/A
Seção 32 (Vander Lee) N/A


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