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[b]Reverend Robert L. Johnson...Minister. Singer, Lyricist, Stage Play Actor. [/b] Birthplace: Norfolk, VA Married Collaborations: [b]SOA_Lagos, Nigeria[/b]...Christian Rap Musicians... "On Fire for Christ" [b]Never Alone_Dallas, Texas[/b]...Christian Rap Artists...Anointed young men that Praise GOD for his Glory and His Son JESUS, Our Lord and Savior. [b]Ken Mobley_Fort Smith, AR[/b]We joined forces because we both believe in Jesus Christ for who HE really is...And to the "Naysayers" that say that an Ordained Minister should not be involving himself with "Hardcore Rappers", I ask you to read the "Word" and then you will realize that my job is not to judge, but to spread the "Word"...Did you think that the chosen 12 were all squeaky clean when Christ chose them? I was "Toore Down from the Floor Down" when he chose me. "Stop criticizing and get the message" "It aint about me, It's about HE that sent me" If you see others that need your help...HELP Them Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. (Matthew 25) I grew up in a neighborhood where music was a constant part of daily life...My earliest influences were Country Western, R&B, Spiritual, Gospel music. I have always been intrigued by vocalist that sing "from the heart" Even before formal training at VA. State. University, I was keenly aware of the difference between a (Sanger' and a Singer) Natural 1'st tenor...5 octave range... Recording software...Cubase, Sonar 4, Producer Edition, Sonar 5 Producer Edition, Computer...PC based Recording Association(s)& Collaborations Robev. Inc....Home recording studio SevenProductions/Raleigh, NC...Lee Tate/Producer 316, Jerry Douglas...Casper, Wyoming Max Zar...Yekinteringburg, Russia SOA Lagos, Nigeria Never Alone Dallas, Texas HataProof...Arkansas Curtis A. Andrews, Jr....Harrisburg, PA ***Natural 1'st tenor...5 octave range...*** ***As a result, I seldom play it safe vocally...If the compassion in a song is in the Baritone register...I'll go there...If on the other hand its in the "Rafters"...I'll go there*** The greatest joys so far in life have been the birth of my son, the love and support of my family, and Beverly A. Johnson (My Wife) As an Ordained Minister I have a duty to spread God's message, whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself. Does it matter if I become "Rich and Famous ? Nope!!! Does it matter if someone draws nearer to the Savior after hearing my Music Ministry? Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh IT AINT ABOUT ME...IT'S ABOUT HE THAT SENDS ME 2 those of U who struggle with those times when it seems that the only one that's feeling you is your heart, stay true to your message...Let God Send it where it needs 2 go. [b]****Now That I'm Empty, Next Step, Purify Me, Even Ministers Need****[/b] These songs are dedicated to the memory of my Dad, Mr. Clarence OB. Johnson 09/10/1923...03/24/2006 I will never forget the joy we shared during the last 4 months of your life here on earth. Father God, I thank you for your "Perfect Peace" in the midst of the storm. Sing your songs in the Heavenly Choir, Pop. Thank you for letting me know how proud you were of me as your son. Please copy/paste the link below to hear the dedication trilogy of songs to my Father. Reverend Robert L. Johnson Associate Minister/Fruit of the Spirit Missionary Baptist Church Norfolk, VA I really appreciate hearing from the Listeners. It is not as important that you be a Christian as it is that you appreciate the fact that I am. Even though I have "Free Will". My gifts and talents and anointings come from the one I believe in; Jesus Christ. Reverend Rob is just a man, plain and simple, flawed as any other. But my Faith in God keeps me day by day. Thank you all for your comments and your support. God's Love and mine too. "It aint about me, It's about HE that sent me. Reverend Robert L.. Johnson Norfolk, VA...I prefer to customize your request(s). Take a listen and E-mail me regarding which songs you want...Some are also available as instrumentals...If you want to use the music...***Content restrictions apply*** Band History: Reverend Robert L.. Johnson's Music Ministry consists of solo performances as well as collaborations with SOA- Lagos, Nigeria...Never Alone- Dallas, Texas...Jerry Douglas & 3:16. Ken Mobley-Fort Smith, AK, JjMusic, FreeRap Beats Music, Ansane,...[I continue to look for music that touches me] ***Some Music tracks are the sole property of the owners*** All Vocals arrangements, Lyrics by Reverend Robert L.. Johnson are the sole property of Robev Inc. PICAs!!! Any song (s) available "for sale" from my site are fully authorized and controlled by Robev Inc. 2005. Reverend Robert L.. Johnson [Owner and sole proprietor] Your influences? All Artists that I have enjoyed since the age of 3 years old. All Genres Past and Present Collaborations Curtis A. Andrews, Jr...Harrisburg, PA DjWreck (Because He is extremely Talented) Jerry Douglas & 3:16...Casper, Wyoming (Because of their Spirit) Ken Mobley...[Because I believe in his SPIRIT] Never Alone...Good Hearted [Talented Christians] Lee T. Tate[SevenProductions Studio] My Musical Hero [b][i]{Way too many more to mention}[/i][/b] Gospel, Sunday Morning Praise, Inspirational Favorite spot? Any environment where people are genuine and considerate...,Open Fields in rural areas... Equipment used: PC, Gina 24/26 Soundcard, MXL 990, MXL V63M Mixer,Tascom M-08 Mixer, Eurorack UB802 Mixer. Sonar 4 Producer Edition, Cubase SE...Pre-Production. Anything else...? I dedicate my music ministry to my Son, Kent 03/22/1966 - 07/02/2010 I strongly believe that Gospel Music should be streamed and played in conjunction with all other types of music. "Diversity Affords Choices"[color="blue"][/color]


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