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EVERY NOW AND THEN, BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA SHOWS WHY IT HAS A REPUTATION AS ONE OF THE WORLD'S MUSIC HOT SPOTS WHEN A BAND LIKE PUNXIE & THE POISON PENS APPEARS AS IF FROM NOWHERE...AND EVERYBODY TURNS TO LOOK. Anyone with a MySpace, a love of grungey punk rock, and a sense of humour will have seen Punxie and followed the rise of her band Punxie & The Poison Pens. Now, the internet phenomenon are set to begin playing live and the hype surrounding the Pen's impending debut indicates the expectations that their intensely original music has generated. Punxie and The Poison Pens are Punxie (vocals, being incredibly incredibly good-looking), Matt Poison (musical genius, guitars, bourbon and coke), Brad Cox (drums/ultra-musician/telling Punxie to move more), Budge (Gary Page) (bass guitar/long walks at sunset) and introducing our new rhythm guitarist Steve Cyanide. Matt, Brad and Budge hail from popular underground Brisbane bands of the Bjelke-Peterson era including Scruff the Cat, The Bystanders, La Fettes, The Dumbshow and The Skeletones to name just a few. Punxie and The Poison Pens bring punk back to its roots with authentic guitar driven power-rock and lyrics that have been described as “powerful, deceptively simple”, “catchy, entertaining and socially relevant in the true punk tradition”, and “hilariously offensive”. Punxie began as an amateur stand-up on Brisbane’s open-mic comedy circuit in 2004-5 and quickly made a name for herself as "that girl that does all the arse-fucking jokes". In late 2006 Punxie released her first single You're My MySpace Friend to an admiring internet audience, shooting Punxie into the Top 10 Comedians on Australian MySpace. As an aspiring comedian, Punxie’s brand of happy go lucky, in your face comedy soon had her labeled as a ‘socially retarded troublemaker’. “The transition to leading a punk rock band just seemed clear from there on in,” she explains. More songs were quickly released within a few months via MySpace to enthusiastic fans worldwide. Together with Matt Poison, Brad and later Budge on bass, Punxie’s band The Poison Pens was formed, and yet more excellent punk rock songs written in a distinctively Brisbane tradition emerged. Recently, the live line-up was completed with the addition of rhythm guitarist Steve Cyanide (top Australian stand-up comedian Steven J Whiteley). The November gigs kick off with the Alive In Oz festival on the 3rd and they will also support British Punk Legends Anti-Nowhere League on the SE Qld leg of their Australian tour (22/23/24 Nov). Check their MySpace for more info [link="http://www.myspace.com/punxieandthepoisonpens"]Punxie & The Poison Pens[/link]


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I Knew You Loved Me N/A
One Rocking Good Day N/A
What You're Doing To Me N/A
I Think I'm A Werewolf [3:58] 3:58
Just Too Jerry Springer N/A


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