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Salamander Bay


Salamander Bay

[color="darkred"]PLEASE PLACE YOUR VOTE FOR THIS MUSIC AND LEAVE A COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!! [/color] Paul and myself have been friends for many years and both play music and write songs. We decided to put some of these songs on cd earlier this year after playing to the crowd at the port stephens blue water country music festival in june 2007. I have written several other songs since recording the WM ( Watto & Megs) album this year. Hopefully work will provide the funds to record them some time in the near future.Thanks go out to Martin "WOODY" Woodward at Newcastle Recording Studio, for all the work involved in the recording process.(www.newcastlerecordingstudio.com) I consider the more recent songs to be far better than those posted here.IMO. I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the east coast of Australia called Port Stephens. I am surrounded by golden sand beaches. Most of my songs have been born from experiences with women. Not many but all bad. Don`t get me wrong, i like women, i`m just not good at getting good ones!! The most recent songs are called: [color="green"]1. Happy Now (rock ballad) 2. Monday Morning.(folk ballad) 3. Poor man.(country) 4. Barbie Doll.(alternative) 5. Love and a Promise.(christian) 6. All I Have.(ballad) 7. Good Girls Gone. (accoustic) 8. Memories. (rock) 9. Forever Within Me. (vocal+keys) 10. Lonesome Road. (country)[/color] [color="darkred"](All words and music are copywritten as of June 2007)[/color] [color="violet"]PLEASE HAVE A VOTE AND LEAVE A COMMENT!!!!!!![/color] [color="red"]A tip for playing these songs is to press stop on the player and allow the song to partially download before hitting play. This will enable smooth playback.[/color] [u]SONG BIO`S[/u] [u]Complicated Girl[/u] was written after a whirlwind relationship with a girl which ended badly and left me wondering what had gone wrong. [u]Mountain Streams[/u] was born of the feeling that i just wanted to get away from the troubles of a so-called normal life and escape to the country, with mans best friend.Thanks to "Banjo" Brian Horrey for the banjo licks. [u]Hard To Let Go[/u] was written by Paul after being touched by an article in time magazine on the war in Iraq. [u]Sets Me Apart[/u] was written by Paul and is a personal experience as a christian expressed as a song. I played the lead in this one.Thanks to Woodys` son for the harmonic end. [u]Glorious[/u] was written by Paul and is about continued personal experience as a christian expressed as a song. [u]Praise Be[/u]Written by Paul and is a song of praise to the God of all creation. [color="yellow"]PLEASE VOTE AND LEAVE A COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/color] I contributed to many of Pauls songs musically and did some backing vocal work also. I also do various covers of different artists including [color="darkblue"]LIVE, HINDER, MERCY ME, GEOFF BUCKLEY, JAMES BLUNT, POWDERFINGER, GREENDAY, GRINSPOON, SEETHER, BOB SEEGER, NEIL YOUNG, ERIC CLAPTON, REDGUM, U2, RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS, TROY CASSAR DALEY, DEAD RINGER BAND, SUZY BOGUSS, DON WILLIAMS, JOHNNY CASH, POISON, DEAN MILLER, TRISHA YEARWOOD, GUNS N ROSES, LARRY GATLIN & THE GATLIN BROTHERS, BON JOVI[/color] [color="blue"]Please leave a comment as feedback is appreciated Thanks. Michael....[/color]P.s Find out more about me at the following sites [link="http://www.myspace.com/michaelmeguyer"]http://www.myspace.com/michaelmeguyer[u][/u][b]


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