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[b]The Youngest Singer - Baby Aekavira[/b] [color="red"]A four year child, Aekavira Bhardwaj, becomes the youngest singer to come out with a complete music bilingual album of songs and rhymes – ‘Mere Chhote Meethe Geet : My Sweet Little Rhymes’. Perhaps she is the only one of her kind in this segment globally. [b]To see her video, copy/paste this link[/b][/color] [color="blue"][b]To listen to her first web interview please visit [/b][/color] [color="blue"]and check their [/color]episode#51. [color="blue"]Aekavira has a strong inclination towards music and songs since very early age. When she was just 6 months old, a cassette of rhymes was often played at home while her feeding, bathing etc. She surprised her parents by reciting all those rhymes in full when she started speaking at about 14 months of age. At the age of 2 years 2 months, Aekavira started attending a play school (The Rajkumari Amrit Kaur Child Study Centre - a part of Lady Irwin College, Delhi University). Everyday, she used to come back home singing a new song or rhyme. Her talent was recognised by her teachers who encouraged her to perform in every school function. Presently, Aekavira is studying in Nursery class in Sanskriti school, Chankyapuri, New Delhi. [/color] Aekavira has an exceptional memory, clear pronunciation and a melodious voice. She can recite the toughest of Sanskrit shlokas and mantras like Maha Mritunjaya mantra with ease. Seeing her interest, her parents Bharat Bhardwaj and Alka Bhardwaj encouraged her to learn music. Mr. Iderees Sheikh, a music teacher and son of Prof. Sheikh - a renowned music professor of Aligarh Muslim University, groomed her and helped her understand the basic rhythm and beats of music. He was also instrumental in producing Aekavira’s first bilingual audio album "My Sweet Little Rhymes : Mere Chhote Meethe Geet” - a mix of hindi and english songs and rhymes. This album comprising of 9 songs and introduction was recorded at Kshitij studio, New Delhi in a span of 5 hours in two days. [color="darkred"]Aekavira, born on 24th Oct 2002, is also preparing to send her entry for the Limca book of records and The Guinness book of world records.Also [b]she has become the youngest artist whose songs were aired by All India Radio FM Rainbow. [/b][color][color="#444444"][/color]


Recent Tracks

Song Length
Nani ka jadoo (Hindi) [4:36] 4:36
9. Naav Chalao (Hindi) [2:59] 2:59
4. Chanda Mama (Hindi) [2:41] 2:41
2. Buddha baba (Hindi) [2:36] 2:36
3. 5 kabootar (Hindi) [2:16] 2:16


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