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[b]DJ Jeeno-cide:[/b] [i]I am from a small city in the northern part of canada, a place called Whitehorse. I heard my first techno song when i was 16, i knew then that someday i would make an impact on the scene. I have limited knowledge of the programs i use to create my music, but i am learning at a rapid pace. and one day i will leave my mark on the electronica genre![/i] [b]DJ Phuree-iss[/b] I'm DJ Phuree-iss, I've been making music since I was 18, while I was living in Yellowknife, in the N.W.T, at first it started out as hobby, and then it worked it's way up to a burning passion, I'm also a highschool graduate from the class of '06. I create 3 types of music, Dance, Techno/Trance(those two fall under the same genre), and Rap/Hip Hop, I'm also one of the biggest trance addicts you'll ever know of.


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Untitled Track [5:36] 5:36
Rappin' on the Streets [4:51] 4:51
Ravers United [3:01] 3:01
Redemption [3:45] 3:45
Enchanted Life [4:33] 4:33


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