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My name is [b]Omar Entabi[/b], from [b]Damascus, SYRIA[/b], am a drummer in those projects u see here, for “[b]SIRAJ[/b]” , it's Me and the genius Guitarist; [b]Bilal Al Zein[/b], we met and worked so hard back from 2002, our music style is mixed between old school death metal and black melodic riffs with oriental influence that came with us by nature, sometimes in a psychedelic form because we count on melodies more than vocals. About [b]REFRACTORY[/b], we formed in 2004, we were: me!! And the guitarist [b]Tarek Kabani[/b], [b]Ammar Kharsa[/b], and [b]Mohannad Eid [/b], we play more aggressive trying to do the best brutal music we can, we’d record 2 songs only and we composed a full 2 length album I think, but we separate for different reasons and we’ll back again as soon as we can. I am a sound engineer studying in SAE Amman, and a musician too, this is my work. I recorded a lot of the songs in here at my home studio (Sorry for the Quality, It’s a low budget.) Thanks for the Support. KEEP ON ROCKING.


Recent Tracks

Song Length
Siraj - Blast Beat Monster [1:02] 1:02
The Moment -Maniac Remix- (Omar Entabi) [3:59] 3:59
The Moment (Omar Entabi) [4:10] 4:10
Mind's Autumn (Omar Entabi) [3:08] 3:08
Shedding of Humanity (Omar Entabi) 2008 © [6:57] 6:57


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