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coram, NY

singer \songwriter From Long Island NY, home of Billy Joel and Mariah Carey, my influences vary... to cover a few: Jimmi Hendrix, Gap band, zap and roger, Parliament, Stevie Ray, John Mayer (for his lyrics), and other great performers such as Pat Metheney and Al Deimeola. I grew up in a house full of wanna bee drummers, when I decided to stop fighting for my chance to play the only drum set in the house, I turned to guitar. By the time I reached my 20's, piano was a new found love. I took what i've learned from all the instruments and decided to write whatever I was feeling at the moment. Because my life has been full of hard knocks ... some of which I created and some of which were beyond my control...alot came out. It was my only safe place, my love and my comfort, it didn't matter too much if people thought I was good at it or not, I was and still am harder on myself than most could ever be. I can identify with music and music explains the person I am, my inspiration comes from bad things, good things, a story or something I saw that moved me, people places or things, with very little help from friends and/or family, I learned by ear the instruments I can play, my hopes and dreams were and never will be about fame or money, my dream is to one day write the song, a song to last, find its way in people's hearts and minds, one to remind them of a special time, place or moment in their life, just knowing I reached them with a song, it's then I will have achieved my goal in music, "the rest is gravy" as they say, I could list my accomplishments on this site but my songs should speak for themselves... thank you again.........[link=soundclick.com]


Recent Tracks

Song Length
00001 why love why me [3:54] 3:54
002 I need you [5:30] 5:30
23 know why your here [3:04] 3:04
Tomorow will come [3:38] 3:38
martin luther king [5:07] 5:07


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