Chris Brown | SYM
Springhill, TN


Springhill, TN

Chris Brown aka Krunk Beatz was founded later by people from the streets that his music sounds like no other. Every since the age of 9 he has been doing the unthinkable by mixing sounds together no one thought would be created. He later on move from a keyboard to working with a program called fruity loops. But he has been doing it so long people that hear wonder where do it come from and when he tells them they don't believe it. Krunk Beatz mind has envolved to a whole nother level and thats what people are so amazed about. A while back he was just your ordinary beat maker with his same way of doing it but now he has come up with a better solution to make his music more intresting by being creative to the max. Where anyone else would dare to go but yes indeed Krunk Beatz has crossed that boundary and is ready to explode in to the industry leading other producers behind him. So in other word he has a very good GOD given talent.


Recent Tracks

Song Length
Get Ghost/Produced And Rapped By Me Krunk Citi.... [3:10] 3:10
Life [4:08] 4:08
Country Boy [4:37] 4:37
Hot Water [4:17] 4:17
Coming To Get Ya...LMAO NO... REALY LMAO [3:38] 3:38


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