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Denver, CO


Denver, CO

[color="blue"][/color]Ole Skool I started playing at the age of 10, learning from my uncle whom I was name after. God had givin me the gift he had gave my uncle, playing guitar. By the age of 15 I was teaching our guitar class in middle school,as I grew so did my music,while on the circuit I saw Sly & The Family Stones, there is when I found my other role model Larry Graham, my guitar got dust cause the only thing after that was learning to play the bass like Graham. My uncle God rest his soul started calling me "Monster" lol....After college I play with and group called Antar, then my own group CounterPoint. Now I use my gift for the One who bless me with it in my gospel group 3:16. Every instrument except for the drums I play I hope you enjoy my F.U.N.K!!!!!!! Ole Skool


Recent Tracks

Song Length
Dance [3:35] 3:35
Girl I'm At Cha [4:07] 4:07
Get Da Funk Out Ma Face [6:03] 6:03
I Wanna Get Closer [4:19] 4:19
Time [3:47] 3:47


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