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waynesville, NC

God has truly blessed me with the ability to write strong, deep and personal lyrics. My desire is that someone will start where I've left off and, where I lack musical talent, take this wonderful gift to new heights. In 2004, my family travelled to Cheraw, SC to tour the town and to see Old St. David's church, which had been repainted and refurbished. It is the last Anglican church built in South Carolina under King George III. Cheraw, a town where the past seems to whisper through the Spanish moss and live oaks, was co-founded by my ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary and Civil wars, et al. It was "visited" by Gilbert du Motier Lafayette in 1825 and by William Tecumseh Sherman during the Civil War ( The house he stayed in during this time is literally across the street from the house where my mother was born and raised). In a cemetery nearby are gravestones etched with the names of many of those who served in America's wars, a number of which are of my bloodline. I realize whenever I visit this historic town that my roots in this country's soil are numerous and strong. It also comes to mind that much of the blood spilled on this land for freedom's sake is of my lineage. These echoes of the past inspired "In America", which is about my place in this country's rich history and is dedicated to all those who fought and fight to provide the privelege of freedom we enjoy today. My Father was a paratrooper in World War II. My paternal uncle was a tail-gunner during that war, also. I have one brother who enlisted in the US Navy and served in Viet Nam and another brother who enlisted in the Air National Guard and served in the first Gulf War. I, also, have a Nephew who served in Afghanistan and has returned safely. I am proud of my ancestry, and I am also very proud of our troops who put themselves in harms way for America's sake. As an interesting footnote, my maternal Great-Grandfather's sister started Confederate Memorial Day. About me: I have an extremely rare disease named Erdheim-Chester. You can go to to learn about ecd in English (lol). But, my particular disease is when histiocytes ( the good guys) become too abundant and lodge in the tissue of organs. They begin to attract lipid cells, which surround the organ like a hard cocoon and stop it. They also like long bones, such as the legs. Before Interferon, a person normally died of congestive heart failure within two years of the diseases onset. The cure remains unknown. I personally am determined to help my brothers and sisters by educating more of the public about these diseases. Interesting little adventure this morning. I'll leave out the long part. But, I wound up getting the # of someone at the bigger newspaper in Western NC. I called the lady there, and they may, at some point, be interested in doing a story or series on Orphan Diseases, one of which is Erdheim-Chester. It's possible, and I certainly hope likely, that this would increase knowledge of these illnesses, then jack up funding and attention. She seemed very interested and asked lots of questions. I'm a writer, not an orator. But, hopefully I did okay and tweaked her interest. I've begun a cause at Facebook: , and am looking into writing for informational/educational purposes. I also have a blog, actually two, at .


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