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Cinnaminson, NJ


Cinnaminson, NJ

[color="green"]Hello, my name is Lamont. Although you hear some covers on here, I do write alot of originals. I've been into writing, composing,and performing music since 1968. I play several instruments, especially when I'm recording. Some of the songs on here I sequenced because I liked them much. But my main instrument is bass guitar. Some of the cover stuff I did with a guitar player who had a synth hookup to his axe. The originals I did completely by myself. Of course I only put partials of my originals on here, seeing that I have the whole song here. Was hoping to hook up with someone and produce music, or at the least, find a guitar or keyboardist with the same abilities that I have as far as performing on stage (singing,leads, backrounds), while also playing and dealing with an audience. I've been around and played with a lot of artist that are out there. We can compare notes when we meet up. So let me know what you think, and leave comments. Like to know who visits the site. I can then go to yours and leave word to you also. Oh, by the way, as my newfound friend? Ron Wess would say, "it would be better if you either had really good headphones, or have your pc hooked up to a sound system so you can hear all that I've recorded. (the headphones were my idea lol)


Recent Tracks

Song Length
You Only Live Twice (seq. Lamont} [2:13] 2:13
Everytime You Go Away [4:59] 4:59
Skintight(donnie me,cover) [3:31] 3:31
In My Room(Donnie,Lamont cover) [2:34] 2:34


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