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[color="red"][/color][b]Band of Asians. Internet Musicians. Music Profile. I am a MUSICIAN. I play guitar and create music on FL Studio on my computer in my projects Band of Asians and Pretendo Box (both music pages are on MySpace). Been promoting my music online since 2002. I also enjoy video games, WWE and reading books along with buying Electronics. I am 23 years old and I am Taiwanese/Chinese who is NOT your typical Asian and I love music more than any other of my interests. I love Alternative Rock, '80s Metal and Classic Rock. Anyways, if you want to know more. You can read my website or ask me. Other information I can say about myself is I am finishing up 2-year college at City College of San Francisco hopefully by the summer of 2008 with an Associates Degree and transfer to a 4-year school at California State University, East Bay to study Sociology and Music. I been through a lot in my autobiography, so I create music. I might have been playing Rhythm Guitar in my 2 former BANDS, Band of Asians and Silent Minister. I decided to exclusively create music as a solo Internet musician in Pretendo and my ROCK STAR STORYBOOK in Blizzard of Sound. Check out my music from Pretendo Box and Blizzard of Sound on SoundClick! The BEST music page for unsigned bands and musicians possible on the Internet! MUSIC PAGES Blizzard of Sound. Band of Asians. The MUSIC of Taiwanese Grunge musician, Patrick Lew. On Electronics and Computers. But also Grunge music done on No Machines. He goes to City College SF. Been playing in local bands since age 14 in 2000. I am an ORIGINAL. Patrick Lew: I'm 23 years old. I am an Internet musician who CREATES my music in my solo project Blizzard of Sound and the REUNITED high school band Jam Garden. Since going to Music School at age 14 in 2000, I've had a career occupation as an Internet musician playing Guitar in a variety of local Garage Bands in Daly City and San Francisco. I went to community colleges at City College of San Francisco and Skyline College. Music is my hobby. Other than Video Games, Wrestling and Reading. I will go to SF State University in Fall 2008 studying Digital Audio for Musicians. I worked at Tower Records, GameStop and a comic book store as a teenager. And I purchased all my musical equipment and guitars at Guitar Center and my former music school Vibo Music Center. Which also is a music store that sells musical instruments! Enjoy! Biography: ** Taken from Band of Asians music website!** I'm an Internet musician who played guitar in 3 local bands as a teenager in the Bay Area independent music community. As well as publishing my music on the Internet on music pages such as this with my projects. Internet musician, first. And individual comes second. I can play at least 4 or 5 musical instruments. I played Rhythm Guitar in the local San Francisco bands Silent Minister and The Original Tapeworms. I also go to school and I'm about to finish college at City College of San Francisco and will be off to Grad School at SF State University. I've been doing music solo even I've been playing Rhythm Guitar in local bands with other musicians I'm friends with. Band of Asians originally was an Asian American grunge band of 3 musicians who were Asian. Myself being Taiwanese. And former band members and alumni Augusto Hernandez (bass) was Chinese and Filipino. Dave Arceo (drums) was Filipino. Since the Band of Asians was whittled down to just me as a solo musician creating this music. It's personally on good terms from Cory, Dave and Augusto my One Man Band. The instruments I play is Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Piano and Harmonica. Band of Asians music is supposed to be NOT formulated but a FUSION of many different sounds. While it was initially a Grunge band with 3 Asian American musicians and college kids. I feel I gotten a lot of criticism because of that from SoundClick music critics or others. I've gone through a lot of hardships in my personal life such as a divorce from my high school girlfriend Amy. Not to mention shambolic love affairs, social isolation and a broken heart. And these feelings became the foundation of Band of Asians music and sound. Expressing a meaning of life. So much for earning appreciation and respect from other people. I feel Band of Asians music is sadly underappreciated but still the MUSIC I created can be unique and creative. I will continue Band of Asians no matter what challenge gets in my personal life even when playing a musical instrument in another local band with musician friends again. So much for respect. Why this name? Originally, Band of Asians was founded in early 2006 when I was getting college education at Skyline College. Zack persuaded me to mutually quit my high school band Silent Minister because of the DRAMAS going on in the music and being In the Studio with my high school friends creating music without the magic when I was a teenager. Dave and I met in Reading 826 at Skyline College, which was a Beginner Reading Lab college course we took together. We became very close friends until the day he left Band of Asians and moved overseas to the Phillipines with his family amidst troubles with his personal life. So me and Dave got Augusto to join Band of Asians on bass guitar and we begun calling the Garage Band of local Asian musicians AUDIO RAGE. Me and Zack picked up some musical equipment from the computer store. We were still called Audio Rage by the time myself, Dave and Augusto were booked into a local recording studio to create music. But something was funny with our music and bandname. Audio Rage sounded like a pun on the Hard Rock band Audioslave. We didn't want to copy or plagiarize ideas that seemed unoriginal so we needed a change in Audio Rage's music and bandname. The Audio Rage name came from MUSIC being the storybook and soundtrack to a musician's life (Audio) and expressing the meaning of life (Rage). But we knew we had to change it! So Zack gave me a bootleg copy of this computer music program for PC computers called "Band in the Box." At first, Dave thought of calling the band Warrior Project 420. But when Zack visited us in the recording studio when we were creating music for the "Revenge" demo album of music, he said to me and Dave. "How about putting BAND in your music and bandname?" Because of course, we were musicians who were hobbyist of music and loved it and do it other than going to college. So Dave looked at every one of us in the room, and joked, "Were all Asian homies in this studio!" It later stuck! Later we changed our bandname from Audio Rage to Band of Asians because everyone in this Indie Rock band were Asian American local musicians and music artists! Since then, Band of Asians were Internet indie musicians putting our music on the Internet through music communities like We played a couple shows locally. Done a Tape Recital at my old music school Vibo Music Center. And of course! We lived like Rock Stars despite we were local musicians in the independent music community and shit. Although Augusto left Band of Asians in early 2007 to play bass guitar in a local J-Rock band from Pacifica, California with other local musicians and went off to college. Our good friend from City College, backyard wrestler Cory Gaitan filled in as a substitute musician for touring and studio recording. Although Cory moved to Pennsylvania by the end of August to start a new life and career at a Tattoo Shop and left City College and his bookstore job at the school. Dave leaving the Band of Asians and the spotlight had a tremendous life-changing effect on me personally. I love him and he will be missed by the Internet musicians community and Band of Asians music sorely. I believe Augusto's band promotes their music on the Japanese indie & amateur music page Muzie. Although I have no clue about information regarding that band he plays in now. I haven't spoken to Augusto since he left Band of Asians. And NOW! Band of Asians with a written letter/telegram from Dave. I can feel free to continue Band of Asians as a One Man Band. I expect to publish a CD collection of studio outtakes and demo versions of music that didn't make the CUT for the "Revenge" or "Buy Product" albums called "OLD NEW SONGS" by the summer of 2008 when I finish college at City College. But as far as a third Band of Asians album goes, don't expect me to go to the recording studio SOON to create music for it just yet. I am coming up with so many musical scrapbook of ideas to figure what I can do for the next Band of Asians demo. I heard City College will OPEN a recording studio for aspiring musicians by the end of the 2000s. Maybe that rings some bells. Do you play live? Band of Asians is MORE of a Studio Band than a live musical performance Local Band. Although Band of Asians played a variety of small concerts locally in 2007 at City College mostly. I feel Band of Asians doesn't capture much musical experience IN CONCERT than it does in the recording studio or my OWN home workshop in creating music. Some of Band of Asians music is VERY hard to duplicate for a live musical performance. Since myself tried to capture NEW sounds in every recording I made after quitting my high school band Silent Minister and ensconcing myself in the recording studio to create GOOD music. I feel Band of Asians needs a Live Band of great studio musicians to play Band of Asians music for shows. But in any case, creating music in my home recording studio called Band in the Box in my bedroom with Band of Asians is always a special musical experience for me. If I could put an ad in the paper to get musicians to present Band of Asians in concert, it's tough because I am balking at touring at the moment as a One Man Band and I doubt most studio musicians would not want to pursue a career playing for Band of Asians live as sidemen musicians for every tour and circus. How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry? The Internet has always been the playground for independent recording musicians. Especially during my days as a local musician playing Rhythm Guitar in my high school band Silent Minister. I've been publishing my music on Internet musicians community webpages like this since 2002. I think the integrity and communication between the musicians and fans through the Internet and their music pages online brings the music closer to the people. Especially during a time in Mainstream Music nowadays getting increasingly stale and unoriginal. I predict the music industry and record companies will go through something similar like the Video Game Crash of 1983 did. Except worse. Obsolete. If video games had a decline in the industry before the Nintendo and Sega saved the video game industry, there has to be a GOOD band or artist out there to save the Music Industry during a time when people don't buy CDs new for wholesale price at record stores anymore and pirate their music through the Internet. Not to mention Mainstream Music growing stale in creativity and lacking new talent. I create music as a hobby but I also take music seriously as a part-time career occupation, but I do have an interest in participating in Performing Arts. I have some intentions of being an Artist and Musician like The Beatles did by taking a step forward in creating music in the recording studio but taking time to do some live musical performances and being musicians in a circus touring. I doubt it would happen beyond my wildest dreams in my hobby and career in music. If anything, I'd love to work with music in the future as a career like being a COMPOSER for video game companies or design a new guitar with Ibanez guitar headquarters. I love to help, create and liberate the world with my music you know. Would you sign a record contract with a major label? I would say yeah. But I have fears and withdrawals about being famous and being in the spotlight. I never agreed with the unfair business with the music industry and record companies and I strongly disagree with the RIAA in how they portray music. If I did sign my life away, I would really have a hard time accepting FAME in music by being a Mainstream Musician and no longer Independent. I never liked the idea of millions of people around the world accepting me and worshipping me because I grew up in such as isolated environment. But I would love to entertain and continue creating music and being a circus musician playing shows across the world. Especially Europe or Japan where I noticed Band of Asians has an audience of Internet musicians appreciating the work I done with Band of Asians when DIY the music through the Internet. Band History: 8 years of being an Internet musician playing shows locally and creating music in the home recording studio whether Band of Asians or the local bands I played in. Band of Asians was a Manufactured Grunge Band of three Internet musicians from Skyline College's MUSIC department. Electronic Musician, Zack Huang, whom was Band of Asians member/alumni Patrick Lew's BEST friend from community college. Purchased musical equipment together at Guitar Center and Best Buy to package and manufacture this Asian American rock band. Patrick, was a struggling Internet musician whom played Rhythm Guitar in a variety of local Bay Area ROCK BANDS in San Francisco's indepedent music community for Internet musicians by playing shows and recording home demos of his MUSIC to publish on the Internet through music pages like this. Patrick's been doing that music career since he was 14. When Skyline College's music department for MIDI Music advertised Patrick and Zack's ad in the school newspaper to form Band of Asians. Dave Arceo, a drummer and Drum N' Bass turntablist whom was Patrick's friend from Skyline College at the Beginner Reading Workshop classroom joined Band of Asians as an Internet musician. Dave, mainly had an amateur musical career/experience CREATING breakbeats on his computer through FL Studio 6. The last Internet musician to join the Band of Asians alumni was bassist Augusto Hernandez. Who played Bass Guitar and was a musical graduate at Serramonte Music Center's music school at age 17. Augusto was the only ONE of these Internet musicians in Band of Asians who never CREATED music in a Rock Band after struggling to find musicians at school and community college to jam on musical instruments with. Band of Asians as friends and musicians, recorded their debut album "Revenge" in a local recording studio called Apex Tape Productions in 2006. They also were advertised and endorsed to do a Tape Recital at the Vibo Music Center. Which was a music school and music department store Patrick once took guitar lessons at. Zack and Patrick produced the Band of Asians CD "Revenge" at Apex Tape Studios using computer music applications. Other musical instruments featured in that studio recording was Synthesizers, Guitars, Drums, Bass Guitar, Tape Loops, String Orchestras and EVERY other musical instrument anybody could find at Guitar Center and OTHER music department stores. Not to mention Dave on Turntables using USED Vinyl records from Amoeba Music, an independent record store that sells USED and NEW music. Later on, Band of Asians sent in a PACKAGE of tapes, flyers and musical resume to a variety of music tournaments such as TAXI and through FedEx and UPS. However, bassist Augusto mutually left Band of Asians in January 2007 to play Bass Guitar in a local Pacifica J-Rock band called STRATOSPHERES and began publishing their music on Japanese indie & amateur music community websites like Muzie. Patrick and Dave replaced Augusto with Internet musician and backyard wrestler Cory Gaitan on Bass Guitar. What followed was Patrick and Zack building a home recording studio through the musical gear they purchased at a variety of Guitar Center and Computer USA stores at Patrick's family home. To avoid a Credit Card debt with Bank of America to CREATE and RECORD Band of Asians music. Together, the Band of Asians recorded 70 songs in their OWN home workshop in 2007! With the HELP of Future Music, EQ, Electronic Musician and Recording music magazines from the Borders Bookstore. Patrick also began developing MORE as a Songwriter. The CIRCUS of Internet musicians began touring locally at their OWN school City College doing live musical events. Not to mention a local FREE concert tour with local bands Scarlett Bombs and Tinkture at Local Recreational Centers and Schools. After the Concert Tour was over, unfortunately. While publishing Band of Asians music on a variety of music pages on the Internet for Internet musicians such as, and the social-networking website MySpace. And the MUSIC CONTEST website The Internet musicians also did WORK outside of music. Patrick became an Actor in City College's THEATER SHOW. Dave endorsed with MLB baseball team Oakland Athletics. And Cory and Patrick were VIP's at the local music club, DieMaschien. Not to mention, hanging out at the MOVIES at Sony Metreon Headquarters. All the band members in Band of Asians began extracurricular solo projects in music. Their second CD, "Buy Product" was published as an Internet ONLY mp3 album on a variety of online Band of Asians music pages and Band of Asians digital music licensing DEAL with CDBaby ended as Band of Asians considered publishing their music for FREE on File Sharing Websites like and The Pirate Bay to promote future Band of Asians music and resources on the Internet for FREE. Cory Gaitan briefly left Band of Asians in September 2007 to live with family overseas and worked odd jobs at Dominos Pizza Restaurant and considered a College Education in Pittsburgh at ONE of their community colleges. Dave and Patrick of Band of Asians CREATED more music in Band in the Box, the Band of Asians home recording studio. Tensions between Dave's personal life and Patrick's solo musician projects, which Blizzard of Sound had music pages on the Internet publishing Patrick Lew's solo musical work as an Internet musician on Blizzard of Sound music websites online. After recording in Band in the Box Studios in early 2008, Dave and Patrick mutually parted ways after Electronic Dramas on the social-networking website over thepublishing and music of Band of Asians through news articles published on the Band of Asians music pages on the Internet. The original Band of Asians disbanded. Since the breakup of the original Band of Asians, Patrick finished community college at City College of San Francisco transferring to Grad School at California State University (East Bay) whilst continuing his music career as Internet musician in the Band of Asians solo. Dave began CREATING music as DJ Axe Murder. And Cory began working in a music store and Pizza Hut Restaurant. For Patrick's revision for Band of Asians, he wanted to move away from the BLEAK Angst Ridden SOUND in his future musical work and thought of himself more as an Artist. Compiling leftover recordings that the original Band of Asians music he, Cory and Dave created in 2007, that later became the album "InVasion." The third Band of Asians album earned its title through CREATING music of OLD and NEW sounds. With traditional rock band instruments and electronic/computer devices. It was also a creative step forward for Band of Asians as "InVasion" showed that Band of Asians music was starting to mature, while it did retain most of the ANGER on previous musical work. Band of Asians quietly parted ways with CDBaby in April 2008 and began licensing their music on the online record company to sell Band of Asians music on CD. Although Patrick and his Band of Asians 2 refused to tour locally in support of the "InVasion" album because Patrick was more focused on his college education for Grad School/University. Somehow, Patrick accidently damaged his Sony computer laptop when cleaning his bedroom which was the Band of Asians home recording studio. This caused further delays in Band of Asians creating NEW music. The I/O microphone input was broken and needed a new Soundcard to repair it from an electronics/computer store. Not having any money on him, he chose to do it later and instead assembled the FIRST of FOUR Band of Asians music videos onto and the AGE of digital video technology and websites. Patrick NOW is in Grad School at SF State University or other California State University colleges studying Music and Social Work. Possibly Digital Arts for Musicians at his NEW college. Currently, Patrick began doing a Side Project creating Experimental Mashup Music which he already made a music page out of it Your influences? I listen to lots of music on my iPod. I like ALL kinds of music. I go to record stores to purchase CDs of music I be interested in listening to. Or the library to borrow CDs of any music. Anything I can get my HANDS ON. I EVEN download music on the black market on the Internet and find interesting indie musicians and garage bands on indepdent music community websites like this. I have an Ipod Nano which I purchased for $150 at Costco. Everything. Everyone. Every Music. Every Sound. Favorite spot? My favorite spot has to be Seattle, Washington. I love the MUSIC and the Independent Music Community of musicians from that American City. Even though it rains there often, I grew up on Grunge music and Grunge culture in my youth. I made some friends from Seattle when DIY my high school band Silent Minister on the Internet blogging website I contemplate visiting Seattle again to do college studies for education. And oh! I'd love to travel around the Solar Universe and Mars when I am a grandfather and retired in a rocket ship! Equipment used: I have $8,500 worth of musical instruments, amps, guitar stompboxes and home studio recording gear from the Guitar Hut. But here's a rundown! Programs: Propellerhead Reason 4, Magix Music Maker, Audacity, FL Studio 6 Real Musical Instruments: Epiphone Guitars, CRATE & FENDER Guitar Amps, Digitech RP50 Multi-Effects Pedal, DOD Grunge Pedal, Danelectro Fab Distortion Pedal, Rogue Bass Guitar, Casio MIDI Keyboards, Chinatown $5 Harmonica, Recording Magazines Anything else...? "Make music, and love what you do." Contact me to get closer to Band of Asians music and myself. The Internet musician. Email - [email protected] MySpace - FaceBook - SEARCH "Patrick Lew" and if you see a social-networking profile from San Francisco. That's INDEED the real me. If you're interested in doing a musical collaboration, to discuss what music we can do and resource a bunch of research in the bookstore and guitar shop for making art. I'm down. Hit me up. Blizzard of Sound. Internet Musicians. Audio Rage. Computer GRUNGE Garage Band. Music is my hobby. Not just that! I'm an Internet musician who creates music at my home workshop playing Guitar and using software instruments to give the Blizzard of Sound the missing musical instruments in a Rock Band on my computer. Drums and Bass Guitar. I played musical instruments in a few local San Francisco thrash/punk bands with the musical equipment I got at the Guitar Center while going to high school and college/university. I go to school at City College but might be off to Grad School at SF State University studying Social Work and Music soon. I am horrible as a recording musician creating music at home with my Magix Music Maker software and Sony computer laptop. I benefited from a Computer Music Lab I took at school. I am 23 years old in November and I am Taiwanese-American looking for an Asian woman for love & romance through school or personal ads in the paper. I worked jobs at Tower Records and a comic book store as a teenager. And oh! I went to GameStop to buy me some video games to play for my PlayStation 2. Blizzard of Sound is essentially music I had in mind for Band of Asians or other musical groups I was in, but didn't work out so I took the demo tapes of music I made for my former Garage Bands and took the music to myself when publishing it on the Internet through websites like this. All I can say is, there are no other musicians playing instruments in Blizzard of Sound but me. I sing and play the guitar when recording demo versions of my songwriting and program a Drum Machine onto my multitrack on the software Magix Music Maker on the computer. Blizzard of Sound? What's the music like? I would consider it musically influenced by Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Old Silverchair. Grunge Music. I learned how to play guitar at age 13 when I got a Rocks Axe guitar kit from Best Buy and took a few lessons with a guitar instructor at a music school near my house in San Francisco. Other than that, I taught myself how to play guitar USING power chords and writing songs about Life, Fantasy and Social Issues in Blizzard of Sound's musical work. Although I do dread writing lyrics through old sheets of flyers of my Band of Asians music page I printed from the school library because I am dyslexic. I usually record my instrument first. As music comes first. Instrumentals. Then lyrics comes after. I think Blizzard of Sound will stay TRUE to its Grunge musical influences in the long run. So much for earning respect as I feel I'm underappreciated as an Internet musician who'd been publishing my work on the Internet through indie music community websites like this since 2002. I feel being underappreciated as an Internet musician also makes somewhat of a REJECT in School. Not to mention love & romance with Asian ladies. I'm not greedy for anything BUT resepct for my music. Ever since I became a local musician in the Bay Area music community for recording musicians and bands 6 or 7 years ago, I've been through a lot in my personal life and I've been taking out those Electronic Dramas as an Internet musician and College Drama Queens through my music. So much for respect man. Members: Patrick Lew - All Instruments (except SOME) Former Members: Cory Gaitan - Bass Dave A. - Drums, Turntables Augusto Hernandez - Bass Eddie Blackburn - Lead Guitar Genre: Grunge / Alternative Rock / Experimental / Hard Rock Hometown: Antioch, California, USA Record Label: TTH Website: Current Location: Antioch, California, USA / San Francisco, California, USA General Manager: None Booking Agent: None Press Contact: Patrick Lew (for INFORMATION) Artists We Also Like: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Old Silverchair, Green Day, White Lion, Tinkture, Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, Enuff Z'Nuff, Aerosmith, Band of Asians, Smashing Pumpkins, Blink 182, Old KoRn, Old Metallica, Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Bad 4 Good, Led Zeppelin Influences: Grunge, Hair Metal, Hard Rock, The Beatles Band Interests: Writing, Creating Music, Reading MY Website, Live Musical Performances, Groupies, Rock Star Life Blizzard of Sound. Band of Asians. The MUSIC of Taiwanese Grunge musician, Patrick Lew. On Electronics and Computers. But also Grunge music done on No Machines. He goes to City College SF. Been playing in local bands since age 14 in 2000. I am an ORIGINAL.[/b][link="URL"]


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