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New MULTI-TRACK songs added - Instrumental - Sept 5 * A Little ditty I created last night. Let me know what you think!!!! * I have taken DFlight's advice and downloaded some recording software. I am still trying to get the hang of it and still need a proper microphone, but that will be coming in the next few days. Anyways this is what I have worked out so far, a lyricless version of Miss Seduction. I think it sounds alright so far. [b]LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!![/b] [indent][b]!!!ATTENTION!!![/b][/indent] Song writing guitar player poor excuse for a singer but tries real hard looking for an audience who will listen and critique. Thanks for taking the time. [indent][b][color="red"][u]WARNING[/indent][/u][/color][/b]All of these songs are very very rough, I mean very rough demos. Most are done on a digital camera so you can imagine how good the quality is. [indent][b][color="blue"]BIO[/color][/b][/indent] My name is Scott Andre Collin. I was born and raised in Blind River Ontario. Music became a very big part of my life when I was in grade 9 and began playing the bass in music class. I've always liked writing poems and little stories but I was always self conscience about people reading anything I wrote, so when I was 16 I threw everything in the garbage. A year or so later I was trying to write songs on my bass but with little success. This is when I decided to learn how to play the guitar. I quickly learned that playing the guitar is not the same as the bass. After years of determination I still have a hard time playing the guitar but I did learn the basics of song writting. Now with my self consciousness behind me I am here to be judge by all of you. So give me your best shot. I like criticism the best becuase that helps initiate growth. Thanks for taking the time. Scott[b]


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Instrumental [0:46] 0:46
6. Living Fantasy [2:33] 2:33
Hold my Breath (SAMPLE) [0:42] 0:42
2. Miss Seduction [3:44] 3:44
9. Story Remains [4:07] 4:07


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