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Partha (aka mustang of mustangsown, BruzedMustang, foetus, dragsta)is a communication arts specialist who likes to experiment with words, sound and visuals in order to utilize them for any given situation. As a writer, I practice the style of 'spontaneous prose' or 'automated writing' while at my workstation and deliver as per the client’s brief and needs. Something what I feel personally is that anything that serves a purpose can be sold. All we need is to just showcase or put it across to the consumers in the required moment’s way with the usage of the best available technology. Being a musician I've finally graduated to a level where my music can be considered totally genre less; even after starting off as a rock driven lead vocalist cum rhythm guitarist. Today it is everything that makes sense and leaves the audience entertained and well communicated. Apart from all of that I am very adventurous & experimental, detest control and believe in zero boundaries in all respects of life. Take every day as a new one which ends when and if night falls me off to sleep to the next morning of that afternoon to live another one as an, another me.


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close in [4:18] 4:18
jester N/A
viper's insanity [6:18] 6:18
The Journey [6:49] 6:49
Miss Fortunate's guitars [7:28] 7:28


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