Ry Gustafson | SYM
Coon Rapids, MN


Coon Rapids, MN

[link="URL"]RyGuy241[/link]I live to grind and hustle to shine.......but im looking for a new way to shine, so i decided to put a few of my cutts down on this website. I have no experience in a studio, so these tracks are a few that i put to gether on a laptop with a program that limits me on alot... my potential is great! i know it! i just need a few friends in the game who could take me under their wing and lend some knowledge for a brotha....I got knowledge from my life that i want heard.. to reach out to others like me and so they have something to feel! cause when i was out in them cold streets alone trying to make ends meet, i didnt feel alone in the world cause i had music that i could relate too..it helped me get through tuff times,now i want to do the same.


Recent Tracks

Song Length
citadel [4:06] 4:06
Bolder holding [3:48] 3:48
real is gone [4:03] 4:03
one shot one chance [3:38] 3:38
sic slick quick ta dicka chick click [3:38] 3:38


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