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Original Jingle- I Love My Subaru [6:22] 6:22
Original Dance- I Wanna Be Your Love N/A
Pop- Hallelujah [4:06] 4:06
Original Dance- The Road To Nowhere [3:56] 3:56
Cristiana- Quedate Senor N/A
.Jazz- Almost Like Being In Love [1:57] 1:57
Pop- Still N/A
Country- Man Of Constant Sorrow [4:12] 4:12
. Jazz- My Romance N/A
Cristiana- Te Invitamos, oh Cristo N/A
Gospel- I Can Only Imagine [4:14] 4:14
Pop- Everything by Michael Buble N/A
Funk/R&B- I Feel Good [2:48] 2:48
Original Pop- Straight Through The Heart [3:23] 3:23
1. Jazz- Cry Me A River [3:16] 3:16
Original Latin- No Me Jodas N/A
Cristiana- O, Gloria Aleluya [3:57] 3:57
Latin- Sabor A Mi N/A
1.Jazz- Luck Be A Lady Tonight N/A
Pop- Put Your Records On N/A
Pop- There's A Kind Of Hush N/A
Original Latin- Este Amor [4:01] 4:01
Country- The Grand Tour [2:56] 2:56
Gospel- To God Be The Glory N/A
Original Americana- Dead Man Walkin N/A
Americana- Take Me Out To The Ballgame [1:24] 1:24
Original Jingle lyrics- Eat At Carrabbas [0:56] 0:56
Original Jingle-Everybody Knows You Can Find It at Lowes [0:55] 0:55
Original Cristiana lyrics- Jesus, Tu Eres Salvador N/A
Original Latin- La Conozi Aller N/A
Original Americana lyrics- Summertime Oil Spill [5:19] 5:19
1. Jazz- My Funny Valentine N/A
1. Jazz- Beyond The Sea [3:25] 3:25
1. Jazz- All Of Me [2:18] 2:18
1. Jazz- L-O-V-E [2:27] 2:27
1. Jazz- Besame Mucho [3:14] 3:14
1. Jazz- The Days of Wine and Roses [3:04] 3:04
1. Jazz- Mack The Knife [3:01] 3:01
1. Jazz- That\'s Life [3:08] 3:08
. Jazz- What A Wonderful World [2:20] 2:20
1. Jazz- I Left My Heart In San Francisco [2:59] 2:59
XMas- Winter Wonderland [2:14] 2:14
1. Jazz- I Get A Kick Out Of You [3:56] 3:56
1. Jazz- Night And Day [3:54] 3:54
Cristiana- Salsa Cristiana [4:27] 4:27
Original Jingle- Power of Cheese N/A
Original Jingle- Jimmie Johnson and Lowes [2:01] 2:01
Original Country- She Took My Loneliness Away N/A
Original Latin- Alla En Mi Barrio Viejo [3:34] 3:34
Original Cristiana- Fue En El Dolor [3:51] 3:51
Original Pop- Me And My Baby N/A
Original Dance- When We Make Love N/A
Original Cristiana- Joven Muy Perdido N/A
Americana- My Country, It is of Thee N/A
Americana- Star Spangled Banner N/A
Original Americana- Freedom [3:19] 3:19
Cristiana- Enciende Una Luz [4:23] 4:23
1. Jazz- Smile N/A
Latin- La Tierra Del Borinquen (Cover) N/A
Original Latin- Brillante Como Las Estrellas [4:18] 4:18
Original Latin- Buscando Algo Perdido N/A
Original Latin- Este Amor (first draft) N/A
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