Richard 'Ricco' Henderson | SYM
Hot Springs National Park, AR


Hot Springs National Park, AR

[b][i][i][b]Hello everyone, I am Ricco Suave, your host and featured artist. Of course Ricco Suave is just my Stage Name given to me by a very close friend. I am here to give you a sample of my new CD "Spirit Guide." I wrote, arranged, designed the cover, and recorded this CD all at home except the vocals on 'Real'. I am also playing everything you hear. The song 'Real' seems to catch everyones Soul because of it's unique meditative sound so I have added the instrumental and vocal tracks. The vocal tracks were done by my God-Brother Ted Ross with The Voices United. Ted is the Bishop of Zion Temple and founder of Petra Ministries. Please don't just listen to one song,it's not all gospel, take a chance you might like what you hear. As you get to know me you will learn of my loves, my interests and my passions. Allow me to be your Spirit Guide. Come take the journey that will touch your soul, forever.[/b][/i][/i][/b]


Recent Tracks

Song Length
Real (Vocal) [5:49] 5:49
The V. I. P. Train [4:35] 4:35
Captured [8:01] 8:01
Real (Instr. ver.) [5:46] 5:46
What Do You Do [4:55] 4:55


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