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Kings Mountain, NC


Kings Mountain, NC

[color="indigo"][color="indigo"][u][b]A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE OFFERED SUPPORT AND PRAYERS THROUGH OUT TIME OF LOSS [/b][/u][/color] [b][color="darkred"][b]Some of you already know but for those who dont, my grandson, Hunter, passed away Jan.15,2008. Alot of my friends/fans I have met through the music sites have given me alot of support through this whole ordeal.So I have posted the pictures here for you to see. He is a beautiful baby boy that will be forever missed[/b][/color][/b] [color="indigo"][b]"Guess You're Gone" is my song for Hunter! He will forever be missed [/b][/color] ______________________________________________________ [b] [color="darkblue"] I have more material on my jamwave site that i am unable to upload here. Check it out! Thanks. ****************************************************** ****************************************************** Bob Hausler- Make-Up and A Smile Andy Lang- Guess You'e Gone _____________________________________________________________ [color="indigo"][b][u][b][color="indigo"][u]This new original material was recorded in my home on a Karoake machine but i plan to record in the studio very soon.[/u][/color][/b][/u] [/b][/color]I hope you all enjoy the music. please post your thoughts & remarks! Thanks [b] [color="darkblue"]My hopes are to meet up with people that love music as much as i do.I would love to meet a songwriter willing to work hand in hand on music. I love to sing and would love to be able to perform professionally and work at keeping traditional country alive to help introduce the younger generations to what my view of "country music" really is TO ME! I love to sing but writing is not my thing, as much as i wish it was..... I'm true country, some call it traditional country, i call it "TRUE" country. That is what i was raised on and it is in my heart! I hope you enjoy the original material i have posted to share with you here, as always your comments are welcomed.Support is needed by all of us that chase this dream that is our way of keeping the chase alive! Thanks to all who leave comments and ratings. GOD BLESS![/color] [/b] More links to my songs : [i][color="indigo"][/color][color="indigo"][/color][color="indigo"][/color][/color][color="indigo"][/color][color="indigo"][/color][color="indigo"][/color][color="darkblue"][/color][b][/color][/b]


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Guess You're Gone [4:20] 4:20
Make-Up and a SMile [2:58] 2:58
The Woman in Me [4:09] 4:09
Strongest Weakness [4:14] 4:14


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