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New Jersey, New york,Connecticut, NJ


New Jersey, New york,Connecticut, NJ

Welcome to the official G.Felli (Felli Fresco) Showcase page. G.Felli also known as "Felli Fresco" was born on July Friday the 13th 1990 in Long branch, NJ. He was just a regular young Puertorican Jersey boy until he discovered his first love, Hip-Hop. In the year 2000 he began to record and actually become a big part of a group called The "Menace Mafia". That is when he made his first appearance on a group album called "Mafafied". He had the streets shocked by his lyrical ability, punchline flow, dedication and ambition. With those combinations and levels of focus, he was headed nowhere but the top. In 2001 as his lyrical skills started to progress, the Menace Mafia started working on there second album, which never hit the streets due to group members heading there own seperate ways. This was around the time that "Felli Fresco" moved to Perth Amboy, NJ. Althought he was no longer with the group, It was deffinitely not the end of his career. In 2002 He ended up meeting with a group from Perth Amboy, and In less than 4 weeks was made captain of the group by their producer. A couple of months went by as he started realizing that the group members were not as dedicated as he was, so he decided It was time for a change. He spent some time on his own, doing collaborations with other solo artists. in 2003 he visited his hometown of Long Branch, NJ. The "Menace Mafia" was no longer together or making music, But "Felli Fresco" was dedicated and motivated to get them back together. It took some time but by the year 2005 everything was back to how it was in the beginning. They worked on there lyrics for about a year, and in 2006 met up with an ex-member of the group "Lottazay"(Draftpick/Fam Music World). He got the group back on there feet, and the music was better than ever, however there were members of the group that still werent focused or dedicated, and "Felli Fresco" ended up going solo. He is now an independent artist and is working on his new album "The Double Life"(Hip-Hop/Raggaeton). There is nowhere to go but the top! [color="#FF0000"][b]FOR A&R EXECUTIVES AND BUSINESS PURPOSES ONLY: 732-895-5677 [/b] [/color] [link="http://WWW.Myspace.Com/Gfelli"] WWW.Myspace.Com/Gfelli [link="http://WWW.Facebook.Com/FelliFresco"] WWW.Facebook.Com/FelliFresco [link="http://WWW.Youtube.Com/FelliFresco"]WWW.Youtube.Com/FelliFresco [link="http://WWW.Reverbnation.Com/FelliFresco"] WWW.Reverbnation.Com/FelliFresco [link="http://WWW.showcaseyourmusic.Com/Menacemafia"] WWW.showcaseyourmusic.Com/Menacemafia [link="http://WWW.Hotnewhiphop.Com/FelliFresco"] WWW.Hotnewhiphop.Com/FelliFresco [link="http://WWW.Soundcloud.Com/FelliFresco"] WWW.Soundcloud.Com/FelliFresco


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Dear Hip Hop [4:05] 4:05
Pa Tras [4:19] 4:19
Muevete [3:11] 3:11
Patty Cake [4:00] 4:00
Get It Grizz [3:17] 3:17


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