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Hi All, I have been writing poems, lyrics & tunes since I was 15 years old, It's taken me a long time to actually record one of them! I write the lyrics & create the tune & Dave creates the music to go with it in his studio.. My aim is to be a songwriter as I don't consider myself a great singer, I'm singing on these tracks in the meantime for demo purpose! UPDATE... I have now been asked to sing on other artists songs, which is a great honor for me, & I'm learning to have some faith in my own voice! Could I live the dream, just by creating these songs I already have! I like all styles of music, I don't have a favorite genre just favorite songs.. My motto is to be kind to all, whatever species & remember those who have gone before you. My inspiration comes from many heartaches & a passion for justice. 'Come Home To Me' was inspired by a dog called Bruce in Northern Ireland, if you search Save Bruce dog in Northern Ireland you will find his sad story. (UPDATE- BRUCE IS NOW FREE!) It also made me think of all families missing a loved one especially mothers with sons & daughters who are soldiers, who worry every day for them. What ever your thoughts on war & what ever country you are from, no mother wants her child lost or hurt. UPDATE (new age genre) 'Dark Waters' is a collaboration between myself & the RubX Project, thanks to Showcase bringing us together! Rub X Project created the beautiful music & I wrote & sang the lyrics. :) Copyright RubX Project & Liesa Clark UPDATE (dance genre) 'Crowning Glory 'Watch Over Me' RMX is a collaboration between myself & DJ Michael Angello, once again thanks to Showcase! DJ Michael Angello & the Dream House Crew created the music & I sung the vocals. Lyrics written by myself & DJ Michael Angello. Copyright. DJ Micheal Angello / The Dream House Crew & Liesa Clark UPDATE (soul/R&B genre) 'You & Me' is a collaboration between myself & Dave "Mezzer" Meredith, thanks to Showcase again! Dave "Mezzer" Meredith created the music & I wrote & sang the lyrics. Copyright Dave Meredith & Liesa Clark Thank you for listening. :) Copyright Liesa Clark & D.Cherry- unless otherwise stated :)


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