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Buffalo, NY


Buffalo, NY

All Music by Billy Elson Copyright 2009 William James Elson, AKA "Billy The Kid" is a dynamic Singer/Songwriter born and raised in Lockport NY with the drive and material to do some really big things. Billy began writing in 1996 when a friend of his was struck and nearly killed by an oncoming Jeep Cherokee. Since then, Billy has been seen everywhere from television and radio to concerts and theme parks. He has always been willing to share his gift at weddings, funerals, conventions, benefits and etc. Recently, Billy volunteered his time and talent in the studio in order to help a Florida church raise over $100,000.00 for the purchase of sound and lighting equipment. The scope of his musical style (like his faith in Christ) is immeasurable. It cannot be contained by industry labels and transcends, virtually all markets. Versatility is the trademark of this true Singer/Songwriter.


Recent Tracks

Song Length
You Can Go On [4:30] 4:30
A) Power of The Dream [4:16] 4:16
D) Until I Was Weak [4:07] 4:07
K) The Sadness [5:54] 5:54
J) Can You Hear Us Now [5:11] 5:11


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