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north chili, NY

"REASON" Born march 21st 1991, Nick Hargarther also known as "REASON" has always had a niche for music from the age of 12. Inspired by Artists of all Genre, he soon grew to love the taste of Hip Hop music, both traditional and contemporary. At the age of 14 he wrote his first song “run away”. Using various elements of hip hop, “run away” would become his first hit which circulated through the town of Hilton becoming an overnight phenomenon. From that point on he continued to write songs which spoke to the masses of youths. Throughout the years he would come to battle what most if not all independent artist would face in their careers, "Progress." In the summer of 2007 there were life changing events which would inspire him to follow his dreams. It became apparent that Music was nothing without purpose and what better purpose than to bring hope to the young masses through music! Deciding to ignore the racial, societal, and economical barriers placed before him, he started to search for local producers and would come across one who shined bright, "Success Entertainment". A Production company, which nick came to realize would provide a positive polish to his career. Buoyed by his powerful but smooth voice, balancing of fiery Hooks, Passionate Lyrics and undefined melodies , Success Entertainment would provide him with enough grit to deliver his own slice of America, that life changing music intended to reach out to teenagers and young adults whom have had problems or are going through problems in life and need something to pick themselves back up as well as guide them in the right direction. The Recording Industry as well as Success Entertainment is proud to introduce, an artist which has come to realize that music is an powerful tool in reaching people, but a good weapon is only half the battle... you need a "REASON". ADD WWW.MYSPACE.COM/ROCSREASON WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/ROCSREASON WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ROCSREASON WWW.TWITTER.COM/ROCSREASON AND PLAIN OLD JUST HIT ME UP ! DOWNLOAD BELOVED RIGHT NOW FOR FREE!!!


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Reason Feat. Scotty-The Calling [2:37] 2:37
Reason-Hip-Hop Is Movement N/A
Reason- Time (snippet) [1:19] 1:19
What It Takes [3:33] 3:33
I Don't N/A


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