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This is a collection of songs written and recorded by: Myself [Mike Parker ] and Larry Frushour. We were known as Curious Blue. ------------------------------------------------------ Larry and I played together in many bands through the years and finally started writing and learning to record. We started back in the 80's and lasted on and off through 2006. We never really knew just what would come out of our tuesday nights in the room and had no experience with any recording gear at all. ------------------------------------------------------ With the help of many beers and party favors we came up with all of this. We started with a 3 track cassette and Casio keyboards/samplers and the such - went to reel to reel and finally ended up using digital gear. The recording methods and equipment we used to make these recordings was pretty wild at times.Changing recorders all the time trying different styles - we ended up with some good some bad recordings. It was all search and destroy but it was our music. And we are proud of it. ------------------------------------------------------ It was really never meant to be performed but we did finally come up with songs that were more suitable for stage. With Larry being a Detroit Michigan Native and Me comming from Texas and Arkansas - it made for an interesting combination of ideas. ------------------------------------------------------ We performed only once - Very sad indeed. I will also be uploading that entire show. ------------------------------------------------------ It was in 2005 - we did a show for Habitat for Humanity with 2 members of the Christian group - " Only 9 A.M. Great people and never got the thanks they deserved. But never the less it is what it is. I really have to thank Larry for all the wonderful nights in the rooms. We had something that was and is truely ours.I miss it so much---Its very hard to find someone you can write and share ideas with. And I have not since--- ------------------------------------------------------ Some of this stuff is way - way out there but to us it was so much fun and means a great deal to us. It was a great time. Most people will not understand it or even like it - but that's not important. ------------------------------------------------------ After going our seperate ways in 2006 - I now feel it is time to just have fun with it and let you be the judge. Good or bad - it will be here for everyone to listen. The selected types of music may not always match but thats all they provide so I might be shifting around from time to time. Its hard to pin some of this down. Lots of music and pics to come - Be very forgiving and understand it was only meant to be heard by us. Check out our " Facebook Page - Facebook/Curious Blue" Thanks, Curious Blue


Recent Tracks

Song Length
WITH YOU copyright Mike Parker N/A
WALK RIGHT " INN ' copyright Mike Parker [1:34] 1:34
I AINT BRAGGIN' copyright Larry Frushour [2:46] 2:46
ON A DAY LIKE THIS copyright Mike Parker N/A
THAT LOOK copyright Mike Parker N/A


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