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[link=""]Click Here To Download My Music[/link] [i] I'm just a solo singer/songwriter from Bathurst, NB Canada who is seeking Love through music. I used to be a photographer and I still love beautiful pictures and scenery, but I love music also. I am a man of maturity who is in the prime of his life and also in the prime of his song writing. When you think about it, you hit that right note and the love pours through the heart. Music is composed of notes. Wrong notes are unavoidable, but notes that touch the heart are good notes ABOUT AUTHOR I have played in many bands, but started playing solo because I liked different styles of music. I play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums and many other instruments. My favorite instrument is the guitar. ABOUT SOLO D-DAN.JCH I chose this name because it reflects not only that I'm a solo artist, but also that my prime instrument is the lead guitar. Pain Without a Cause, Musical Registration number: 1008108 Type:Copyright[/i] [i]Author: Chiasson, Daniel Owner: Chiasson, Daniel Registration Date: 2002-12-06 Member of S.O.C.A.N. 'INFINITE LOVE SORROWS QUOTES' "Glory To God In The Highest And Peace To All Men Of Good Will" "Accept, Embrace and Love thy cross because it comes from God and judge nothing, no one and nobody because nobody knows God's reason for doing things the way He does" "Pride, Vainglory and self Ambition has no place in the Heart of God for God should be your only Ambition and Glory" "If one does not wholeheartedly forgive, then he cannot find peace in his heart" "Hating evil is loving God" "Leave Everything In The Hands Of God The Father, God The Son, God The Most Holy Spirit And The Most Holy Mother of God, and truth is within" "I Love You Forever Holy Mary Pure And Immaculate" "Love And Endurance Are Everlasting" "Patience Is A Mighty Virtue" "Love, Peace, Joy and Liberty is Life, but the sufferings and sacrifices we must endure to get there can sometimes be enormous" [u][link=""][i] My Uplaya Platinum Audy Award[/i][/link][/u] On The Song "Marie Me*". [u][link=""][i] My Second Platinum Auddy Award[/i][/link][/u] On The Song "In My Heart*" [i]MY MAIN BAND WEBSITE Solo-D-Dan-Jch[/i] @ [u][link=""]My Band Page[/link][/u]...Check out my website! Just added 4 free promotional mp3 downloads; Short n Sweet, Acoustic Love,Clean and Sur Haut @ Enjoy! MY SPACE MUSIC PAGE Solo D @ [u][link=""] My Space Music[/link][/u][link="URL"]


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Dave's Song [2:59] 2:59
Makes Lord Jesus Smile [4:33] 4:33
Your In mY Heart Now [2:54] 2:54
Let Thy Kingdom Come [4:37] 4:37
Agneaux De Dieu [1:41] 1:41


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