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Don Velli: "I thank whatever God may be for my unconquerable soul.In the failed clutch of circumstance,I have not winced or cried out loud under the bludgeons of chance,my head is bloody but unbowed beyond this place of wrath and tears looms but the horror of the shade and yet the menace of the years finds and shall find me unafraid.It doesn't matter how strong the gates, how charged with punishments,the scroll,Iam the master of my fate,I am the captain of my soul." Don Velli is an Afro-European rapper,memeber and founder of de Afro-Boyz Ent. Belgium.He is more commonly known as Don V or by a variety stage names including Don Vellixcoop, Black Smith and Don Illuminati. He is regarded as one of the most prolific up & coming rap artist with his blend of afro slang style of rapping and is known for his use of metaphors, freestyling abilities, word play, flow and blending of street and Afro hip hop with some hard attitude in his voice when performing. It all started as a struggle back in Africa,thou not everyone understand how's going down in de real ghetto. So he found rap as a way of expressing his thoughts and way of thinking sometimes often know for his hardcore underground style. He has worked in different levels and with different artists such as Lhex of the Geldden music group,St.Louise(USA) which his busy doing a collabo on his singles'California-LA, Put ya drank in de air, and All night special, Inertia CEO of MPP who produced most of the beats in his forth coming album 'AFTER MY SHOW' which is in de lab for production,and his currently working with Asaiah L. Wala CEO Hot trak Ent. Brussel, Belgium with whom he has recorded several singles which will be release under Afro-Boyz Ent./ Universal music publishing soon, his first single Paris 2 London produced by TNT CEO Soul Starz Musik,Brussels,Belgium will be out soon and his currently doing final mix and finishing touches with Fab-fire CEO Touch Productions,Leuven-Belgium and he also is doing a collabo with artists from de USA, Double P from New Jersey and M-Jay from New York city with whom his busy working on three joints,'Friday night,Picture me ballin' in da club & U make me wanna holla'.He has worked with other producers both here in Europe, United States and also in Africa and contiune to do so like he alwayz say.. " sky is de limit" Don Velli has been through a lot of life challenges but still standing and this is how he sees life as the captain of his soul out of the night that coveres him, black as the pit from pole to pole. Be on the look out for Don Velli is comin'. Afro-Boyz/Afro-moni.Entertainment is a group of African artist(s) based in Belgium, Europe. It all started with daily live experiences which motivated us to express our thoughts and feelings through music. Life is so tough in Africa.Guess not everybody knows how it's going down in Africa. You need to be there to understand how hard it is to come out in the real ghetto. That's the concept of the music. To discuss the members of the group: Black Smith aka Don Vellixcoop is the founder of Afro Boyz and there comes J-B the first lady of Afro Boyz and they hooked up with rappers and singers like Drag-Slims, Robin Hook aka Triple 7 CEO Criminal Ent., Delta Cz'er and Ray Blaze. Together they are busy working on his debut album 'After My Show' which the first single 'Paris to London' is in the lab for mixing and will be release during summer 2010.. Stay tuned for more Don Velli exclusives & inside scoop, what's going on with De Afro-Boyz/Afro-Moni.Entertainment. When it's hot and spicy we get your back. Peace 2 the world, Afro-Boyz is on de rise! One Love


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I'm de BO$$ of my own city feat.J-B&Touch N/A
Paris 2 London feat. Ray Blaze(sample) N/A
After My Show N/A
She's on fire feat.Touch & Street(sample) N/A


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