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Syracuse, NY


Syracuse, NY

[b]First off my real name is Dustin cruz Delatore AKA's(Skrap,S.K.Rap U.P,Dutch,Dutch loc,Dust,Mr.Tracc's Daily,Tha don,n to tha older cats in tha family or sett im skrap ass haha)I Have two beautiful children Tyler And Olivia Delatore ages 3 n 2,They mean tha world to me, at first i stopped doing tha music cuz i thought it was a waste of time n thought that was right for them, n then i relized no i should pursue my dreams so when there older they can learn that lesson even if this takes me nowhere atleast they will no to always set goals n try to achieve them.My past is my past ,My present is present, n will see what comes in tha future,I was involved with a number of lets jus say dumb activitys since i was 12 years old, hanging witht tha wrong people making ridiculusly bad decisions but becuz i started so young i was able to grow up n mature at a young age n honestly if it wasnt for my children these songs u r hearing would not be around becuz i would most likely be dead or in jail so i thank them for that everyday.My mother is Jenifer Lynn Leonard, she is a beautiful,strong,independent hardworking person who is most of tha reason i am who i am now.She is very creative as well n i think i caught that gene n thats why i am so good at what i do.She raised me by herself well working two jobs and unfourtanetly alwasy being in bad or abusive relationships, but she would alwasy protect me, from those who hurt her, i hate that i was so young when these things happend becuz there was no way for me to stop them,But Mom If u read this i love you and i thank u.My father was never around so we wont get into that bullshit. My Grandmother also had a big hand in raising me n showing me right from wrong,and teaching me the ways of the world.She was also a very strong woman who never asked for help until her later days when she really needed it.The only time i saw her weak was when her daughter Lori Anne Leonard was bruttaly takin from her and all of us.After she had her grieving time she came bacc from that even stronger then before.Unfoutanetly That didnt last as long as i would have liked it to,now i can just pray n see her in my dreams I love you grandma barb YOU ARE FOREVER WITH ME AND ALL OF US.My aunt Lori Anne Leonard(Aunt wee) was my best friend and olnly woman i would ever be able to open up with, in my later teens she did everything she could to keep meoutta trouble and off the streets,she was tha first person i would call when i had a problem or needed help


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Subliminals Feat.Swizzy [4:45] 4:45
Come On Over Feat.Swizzy [3:33] 3:33
UpState Of Mind W/My son Ty Boogie [3:10] 3:10
Permantly Pissed [4:24] 4:24
My Life [3:12] 3:12


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