Jamel Mosley | SYM
Milwaukee, WI


Milwaukee, WI

Hey Viewers/Listeners, This is Mama's Boy Entertainment, and I want to give you a little insight about this project. Would you believe all you're about to hear was done in prison? And the producer and the artists are still currently incarcerated! Well they are! My baby Jamel CEO/Producer is the visionary behind this movement. It started in his teens when he and his father shared the same goals and worked endlessly crafting albums together in their attic studio on Milwaukee's northside. Jamel's life took an unfortunate turn resulting to his incarceration. A few years later his father died of lung cancer, but before passing, he asked Jamel not to give up on his aspirations and to continue on without him. Jamel held on to his promise to his father as motivation to put together what you're about to hear. Everything you'll hear was done behind bars in a concrete music room with a Motif7 keyboard and a Tascam DP-01 recorder! THAT'S IT! No insulation, no sound proofing, and no computer programs! I think it sounds pretty good considering the lack of recording capabilities. And I also credit the talented artists as well. There's a lot of talent in prison, huh? Imagine if they were out, recording and producing in a professional studio............................ IT WON'T BE LONG! I hope you enjoy the versatility,and thanks for supporting Mama's Boy! MB Representative


Recent Tracks

Song Length
SuperModel [4:23] 4:23
Hypnotize [5:25] 5:25
Vibrate [4:13] 4:13
Where I'm From [4:55] 4:55
When I Get Home [6:33] 6:33


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