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greensboro, NC


greensboro, NC

Hello Everyone! Names Cheryl! I\\\'m born and raised in Northern VA, Moved NC in 2006 and have been a resident since. I\\\'m 29 Yr\\\'s Old.I rent my own lil place and work a regular job. In my spare time i do what I was meant to do....Create! Growing up I was in theater, and had a talent agent. I was extras in movies and did some off Broadway. I also had vocal training and piano training and sang in all county, district and region as well as other competitions. I stayed near theater and singing for wedding and events into my adult years until life took over and i got to busy. Now as an adult I know what makes me happy and I want to pursue my dreams even if only to fulfill my own-self. I am now currently singing, writing and re-mastering piano. I am learning guitar, violin and ukelele. I would love to learn every instrument. I have been writing since i was a child and still enjoy it. I write poetry, lyrics and short stories. I have a wide range of likes in the music industry and I\\\'m very broad in what i can sing. I would love to get my self out there showcasing my ability to sing and learn and play by ear and or sheet music. As well as my versatility and determination in doing what i love. Good luck to everyone and keep chasing your dreams and doing what makes you whole, life\\\'s to short.God Bless!


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