Electronic Fryout (Blows your mind out)*** | SYM
Davenport, FL


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Electronic Fryout (Blows your mind out)*** [3:17] 3:17
Description: PICTURE: Me t my 4th or 5th birthday party. Damn I was apretty cute kid, I have to ask what happened. SONG: Another Stern Flurry original. This one was actually first recorded at the Royal Crest Apts. in Hyde Park, NY. As the story goes, My dad had a organ with a broken C key that kept a pretty decent beat if nothing else. I was able to duplicate it using a Boss drum machine (Noam NoMisABeat). This was a goof that we ended up recording in one afternoon on a portable cassette player. The original gang back in '78 was Bob Hood (an Air Force bud) on bass guitar, Bryan Tobias played lead guitar, while I played the broken keyboard and sang. The name and words of the song were inspired by my dad's broken organ. I redid it, however, I still have a copy of the original and have digitized it from the October day, but that's only for close friends.
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