Suite Madame Blue | SYM
Davenport, FL


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Suite Madame Blue [4:49] 4:49
Description: PICTURE: This is my security pass for a STYX concert in Germany. I have to thank the USO and the young lady who kept aside 4 tickets for me for all upcoming concerts. SONG: Another one recorded in my days trying to avoid the woman I was married to. An attempt to pay homage to STYX, one of my all time favorites. I was actually security for one of their shows in Germany. Thanks to the USO for that opportunity. This one recorded at my Sunridge studios, Salem. 2006. Man I loved that palace...oops I meant place. 4800 sq. ft. to get lost in. Definitely my largest studio, but only Dal ever came over to record anything (It's was a wife thing so some of you may understand this). Of course we had Dal's house and I had built a nice recording studio for Daniel Alcutt, so we had there. It all changed when I moved to my Genie Streel local.
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