Witchy Woman | SYM
Davenport, FL


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Witchy Woman [2:50] 2:50
Description: PICTURE: Dal Klingler and I at my Genie Street location. This song was recorded at the Hillite Court location. This studio was constructed by me and Langley Jones in 2003. This was the first of 3 recording studios that I ended up building inside my homes or garages. (One was built for Daniel Alcutt at Cherry Street). It was small, but it was a place I could go late at night after finishing my homework for my Ed degree at Western Oregon University. My little Hillite was small, but I made it very functional...for one, yup just me. Dal may have come down and played, but if he die (I can't remember) it was maybe once or twice. Still it was pretty decent acoustically. SONG: My attempt to recreate (sort of) the sound of the Eagles understanding that their vocals were infinitely better than anything I can croak out of this throat. Still and all, I can recognize it as an Eagles tune.
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